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Board of Directors

ImprovBoston is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been making an impact on the good people of Massachussetts for the last 30 years, by way of weekly comedy shows, comedy classes and community outreach. Our goal is to foster a creative spark in the minds of everyone who walks through our doors, deliberately or indirectly, using laughter and the spirit of improvisation. 

Current Board of Directors

President: Leslie Walstrom,
Clerk: Benjamin Snitkoff
Treasurer: Kaitlyn Feloney Fraser

John Buten

Martin Cafasso

Roy Doolittle

Nailah Freeman

Blair Howell

Kristie LaSalle

Cheryl Singleton

Tess Varney

Greg Wymer


ImprovBoston’s Board of Directors is always looking for new members to join its ranks. Anyone is welcome to apply for a position on the board.

The board is typically looking for new members who bring something unique to the organization, such as professional expertise, sharp financial wits, strategic planning experience, or fundraising acumen.

The board has in-person meetings every other month. In between meetings, board members are expected to follow up on items from the meetings, draft reports about theater operations, and have smaller meetings with their task forces and subcommittees. The time commitment will vary between a few hours a week, to tens of hours a week.

There are currently no dues required to be on the board, but every board member is encouraged to donate what they can to ImprovBoston in addition to volunteering their time and services to the organization.

Starting in 2016, Board members are limited to 6 years of consecutive service, broken up into three year terms. Members of the executive committee (Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) are limited to serving no more than two consecutive years in one position.

If you’d like to join the board, please e-mail our Board Chair, or reach out to any board member directly. To join the board, you must be voted on by a majority of current Board members, and will typically have informal meetings with several members of the board before a vote on your membership.

* Some of the details here are simplified a bit for the sake of brevity. Our by-laws are available here.

Not sure what ImprovBoston is all about? See a show and find out.