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Our Sponsors

ImprovBoston's sponsors allow us to provide maintain our low ticket prices, while maintaining the high quality performances that our audiences have come to expect.  If you are interested in becoming either a Private or Corporate sponsor of ImprovBoston, please contact us.


Thank you to our 2007 Capital Campaign Donors


Bay State Federal Savings

Dana Jay Bein

David Bellenoit

The BNY Mellon Corporation

Brian Bridges

Aaron Butler

Amy E. Casher

James Crane

Helena D'Angelo

Austin de Besche

Steve Delfino

Jeanne Derba

Cynthia Doolittle

Roy Doolittle

Peter Dubuque

Steven G. Elliot

Alan Factor


Mary Ferrara

Mark Finneran

David G Fisher

Matthew Fisher

Valerie Frank

Mathieu Gagne

Gesmer Updegrove LLP

Steve & Debora Gilbane

Sean Gilligan

Houghton Mifflin

Marcelo Illarmo

Laura Kelly

Steve Kleinedler

Lusyd and Nicholas Kourides

Paul M Kursky

Kurzweil Foundation, Inc

Kjartan Langvad

Mary Lederer

Ed Lesser

Michele & Andrew Levy

Jenny Littlefield

Ralph & Jackie Marino

Donald Martin

Tim Mchale

Michelle M Mcnulty

Steven Meyers

David Mogolov

Mike Morell

Christine O'Donnell

Andrew Ofeish

Melissa Paradice

Jessica Pishney

Joshua Pritchard

Katie Proulx

John Rennie

S. Rosen

Rachel Rosenthal

Daniel & Ranella Kirsch Saul

Bill & Ann Schuerman

Don & Elyse Schuerman

Lauri Stevens

Tom Swaim

Calvin Swaim

David G Totty

Gordon & Linda Totty

Margaret Whiteside

Greg Wymer