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ImprovBoston Auditions



ImprovBoston holds auditions every 6 months for IB Resident Casts which include: Mainstage, Family Show, All Access Improv, Face Off, Harold Night Teams (Fresh Blend & Top Shelf), and our National Touring Company. Producers of other ImprovBoston shows are also there to check out new Boston Comedy Talent!

General Auditions: June 2 & 3

Audition/Shop for Diverse Voices in Comedy: June 3

Callbacks: June 9 & 10 

Audition Registration is now closed. Please email with any questions.

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To attend ImprovBoston's General Auditions, performers should have at least one year of formal improv training and/or experience whether at IB or elsewhere. Resident cast performers at ImprovBoston are graduates of the ImprovBoston Comedy School. Completion of the IBCS core improv program is required to ensure all resident cast members have a shared vocabulary reflecting our specific approach to improvisation. In order to be cast a performer must either be a graduate of the ImprovBoston improv program or currently enrolled in Improv 701 by the start of auditions. 

If you have any questions, please contact

"I haven't graduated IBCS yet. Should I still go to auditions?"
Yes! Here are just some of the benefits of coming to Generals before you finish the core improv program:
-Get valuable reps to gain comfort, confidence, and skills with auditioning for future Generals.
-Producers/Directors for non-resident cast shows are in attendance and can consider you for various Main Theater and Studio projects.
-Receive consideration for invites to exclusive IB Grad School programs.
-Get on our radar. We are invested in cultivating comedic talent long-term. Be someone "to watch" this season and you'll be in a better position for a resident cast next season.
-Meet and perform with other awesome improvisers; believe it or not, these auditions are a ton of fun!
Audition/Shop for Diverse Voices in Comedy
Sunday, June 3 4:00PM-6:00PM
If you feel you reflect a voice of diversity in the Boston comedy scene and are interested in getting more involved with improv, our Audition/Shop is for you! Ok, so what’s an “Audition/Shop?” It’s part audition, part workshop. Basically, we’re going to spend an hour and a half playing with the fundamentals of improvisation. We’re setting the day up to work for performers who have a ton of improv experience AND actors who want to get involved with improv but don’t have any formal training. We’ll lead you through some fun exercises, games and structures in a casual workshop-style setting. At the same time, we’re scouting for talent for our resident casts (which audition every 6 months). We’re hoping to send some Audition/Shop participants through to our cast callbacks the following weekend. Beyond casting opportunities this season, we’re also looking to introduce new performers to ImprovBoston and showcase the many ways you can get involved in one of the most welcoming, rewarding, and immediate art forms around. Check out IBEverybody for more comedy opportunities at ImprovBoston. The Audition/Shop is 100% free and 100% fun. What do you have to lose? 
No previous improv experience or training required.
The Audition/Shop is all-inclusive; anyone who identifies as an underrepresented voice in the comedy and theater scene is welcome! ImprovBoston strives to reflect the diversity of the vibrant Boston community both onstage and in its audiences. 
Free Audition Workshops
There are no signups for the following workshops. Simply show up at the date and time listed and have fun!
Harold-Specific Audition Prep
Wednesday, May 30
Main Theater
With Padraic O'Connor - Harold Night Producer
Harold Night, comprised of more than 40 longform improvisers, is ImprovBoston's largest resident ensemble. Come flex your longform muscles and and refresh your Harold skills. Padraic will be running exercises on strong scenework, game-based scenes, group scenes, and other ways to showcase your longform skills in general auditions and callbacks.
Seize Your Power: A Workshop for Women
Thursday, May 31
Main Theater
With Deana Criess - Director of ImprovBoston's National Touring Company 
We've all been there: a sea of new improvisers all trying to get stage time. Rookie moves are made, things can get out of hand, it can feel like you can't get stage time or do your best work. Let ImprovBoston National Touring Company director and Mainstage cast member Deana Criess show you how to level the playing field and liberate your best improv so you can have the fun you deserve to have and show us what you've got at generals. Get tips on how to handle any offer, flip status in a scene, be inspired beyond the usual and support by leading. Learn how to set yourself up to be able to play anything and everything you choose. While we can't get everyone to take a workshop on how not to be terrible people on stage, we CAN give you what you need to play above terrible moves. Let's lift each other up and get ready to kick ass at generals. For all female-identifying performers.

Don’t Be A Jerk: how to be your best self at auditions
(a workshop for all male-identifying performers)

Thursday, May 31
Studio Theater
With Mike Descoteaux - ImprovBoston's Artistic Director

Many of us have been trampled in improv auditions, physically or emotionally. We’ve been steamrolled, put in awkward or awful positions, jumped on, yelled at, typed based on our appearance, given creepy offers or made to feel less than. No good improviser wants to be the jerk making their scene partners’ audition any harder. This workshop is all about ensuring you’ve got what you need to be a supportive, respectful and confidently generous audition partner.

General Generals Workshop
Friday, June 1
Main Theater
With Mike Descoteaux - ImprovBoston's Artistic Director
We'll cover how to be a better scene partner in Generals, how to play respectfully and generously with improvisers you just met 15 minutes ago, and how to showcase your talents while embracing support. We'll hit the Top 10 things you can do to have a great audition. Mike will answer questions about the audition and callback process and give you the inside info you need to rock out the weekend.
Callback Schedule
Saturday, June 9
10:00AM-12:00PM - Family Show 
1:00PM-3:00PM - National Touring Company
4:00PM-6:00PM - Mainstage
Sunday, June 10
10:00AM-12:00PM - All Access Improv
1:00PM-3:00PM - Face Off
3:30PM-6:00PM - Fresh Blend
6:00PM-8:30PM - Top Shelf





Studio 40 Auditions will take place on Saturday, June 23rd from 9am-5pm.


Eventbrite - Studio 40 AUDITIONS [Summer 2018]

Can't get into the audition block you want? Fill out this Waitlist Form

What is Studio 40?

Studio 40 is an improvisational “sampler platter” that showcases the diverse range of talents, styles, and performers in Boston’s independent improv scene. Studio 40 gives teams a place to hone their craft and build their fan base over a six month run - this season will run from January through June.


How to sign up

Choose a 2-hour slot that works for your team. We'll follow up with an email to the listed coach/director and submitter telling you the exact time you'll be auditioning.

Auditions are held at ImprovBoston on Saturday, June 23rd starting at 9:30 am and running through 5 pm. Once a slot is filled, the registration form will no longer be accessible.


What we’re looking for

In the audition, you'll have 7-10 minutes to show us how you like to play. Give us a taste of the format you plan to explore in Studio 40 (short form, monoscene, armando, AllForm, etc). Show us what a show might look like - how your team likes to play, what makes your team unique, etc. Treat the audition like you would a show. For this round of Studio 40 we are looking to cast approximately six teams who vary in their formats.



Teams must have an experienced director/coach who runs weekly rehearsals and attends your show

Directors/coaches may not be an active performing member of the ensemble

Directors/coaches are expected to send monthly progress reports on the group’s development

Please ensure you have your director’s consent before submitting the audition form


What do teams get?

Regular, prime-time stage time to develop their show and performance skills
Free workshops on performance, hosting, and branding
A chance to build up a fan base

If all the slots are filled, send an email to We may have a limited waitlist depending upon demand.



More details will be posted closer to auditions.
Please email to be placed on our auditions notification list.