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Long Form Improv


IMPROV 402 runs for 6 weeks and will feel like Harold Bootcamp, drilling Harolds which reinforce the style and approach taught by ImprovBoston. Maximum 8 students allows this class to operate like a Harold Team.

Prerequisite: IMPROV 401

Maximum Number of Students: 8


Improv 602: Creating Your Own Longform Structure

Looking to put all your improv skills to the test and build something totally unique?

IMPROV 602 takes all the tools students learn in IMPROV 101 - IMPROV 601 and helps them put them to use in creating a truly original longform structure. The class works with their instructor to build a format that showcases the talents of the class.  The result is a new format that makes each performer look like a ROCK STAR!

Prerequisite: IMPROV 601

Maximum Number of Students: 12


IMPROV 501: Intro to LongForm: the Harold

Prerequisite: IMPROV 401

Maximum Number of Students: 12


401 Game of the Scene

Prerequisite: IMPROV 301

Maximum Number of Students: 12


301: Scenework

Prerequisite: IMPROV 201

Maximum Number of Students: 12


201: Points of Inspiration

IMPROV 201 dives deep into character and relationship. Students build a toolbox of scenic initiation techniques to help scenes start off with a bang. With purpose-driven “short-form” games and finely tuned exercises, our faculty foster success through creating rich characters, heightening relationships, tackling group scenes and exploring environment. Students discover the limitless potential for scenic inspiration in each other and the world around us.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

Prerequisite: IMPROV 101

Maximum Number of Students: 14