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College Comedy Fest and Beanpot Tournament

COLLEGE COMEDY FESTIVAL | February 18-20, 2016

Registration Now Open!

Registration Fees
Early Registration
: November 6 - November 20 ($30/person)
Standard Registration: November 20 - December 2 ($45/person)

The 11th annual College Comedy Festival and Beanpot Tournament unites the top college improv troupes in New England for three days of nonstop laughs at ImprovBoston. Part-competition, part-educational and all fun, this festival has been a staple in the college improv scene since 2005, giving college students the tools and opportunity they need to push their comedy to the next level. Each college team takes the stage for four performances over three days, networks with other schools, explores all forms of improv, takes workshops with acclaimed ImprovBoston instructors and a attends panel discussions with industry-leading comedians, offering students a unique, invaluable weekend for performer and audience member alike.

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The 2015 CCF Champs, Mission: IMPROVable from Umass Amherst


Check out the Beanpot Hall of Fame. Could your team be next!!?

Mac Gostow | College Comedy Festival Executive Producer |
Ian Dyer | College Comedy Festival Associate Producers
Tom Spataro | Managing Director and Executive Producer |
Mike Descoteaux | Artistic Director and Executive Producer |

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2015 College Comedy Festival


2015 College Comedy Festival Teams

Boston College | CCE
Boston University | Liquid Fun
Clark University | Peapod Squad
Clark University | Shenanigans
Dartmouth College | Casual Thursday
Gordon College | Sweaty-Toothed Madmen
MIT | Roadkill Buffet
Northeastern University | NU&Improv’d
Olin College | OPIUM
Salem State University | Grandma’s 3rd Leg
Suffolk University | Seriously Bent
UMass Amherst | MISSION:IMPROVable
UMass Amherst | Toast!
University of Maine | Improv In Sanity
Wheaton College | The Dimple Divers
Westfield State | WHIP
Western New England University | Improv On the Rocks


WPI | Guerilla Improv


2015 CCF Schedule

Thursday, February 19

6:00PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring Mission Improvable, CCE and Grandma's 3rd Leg
6:30PM: Longform Competition Round featuring The Dimple Divers, Guerilla Improv and Shenanigans
7:30PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring Roadkill Buffet, Liquid Fun and Casual Thursday
8:00PM: Showcase Show featuring Mission Improvable, CCE, Grandma's Third Leg and Toast!
9:00PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring OPIUM, Improv on the Rocks and Seriously Bent
9:30PM: Longform Competition Round featuring WHIP, Peapod Squad and The Sweaty Toothed Madmen
10:30PM: Line Game Competition Round featuring CCE, Grandma's 3rd Leg, Improv on the Rocks, Roadkill Buffet, Shenanigans, The Dimple Divers, Toast!, WHIP and Improv In Sanity
11:00PM: Showcase Show featuring Improv on the Rocks, Liquid Fun, Casual Thursday and OPIUM

Friday, February 20

6:00PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring The Dimple Divers, Peapod Squad and The Sweaty Toothed Madmen
6:30PM: Longform Competition Round featuring CCE, Liquid Fun, OPIUM and Improv In Sanity
7:30PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring NU & Improv'd, Guerilla Improv and Toast!
8:00PM: Showcase Show featuring The Dimple Divers, Peapod Squad, The Sweaty Toothed Madmen and Seriously Bent
9:00PM: Shortform Competition Round featuring Shenanigans, WHIP and Improv In Sanity
9:30PM: Longform Competition Round featuring Casual Thursday, Toast, Grandma's 3rd Leg and Improv on the Rocks
10:30PM: Line Game Competition Round featuring Causal Thursday, Guerilla Improv, Liquid Fun, Mission Improvable, NU & Improv'd, OPIUM, Seriously Bent, Peapod Squad, The Sweaty Toothed Madmen
11:00PM: Showcase Show featuring WHIP, Improv In Sanity and Roadkill Buffet and NU & Improv'd

Saturday, February 21

5:00PM Longform Competition Round featuring Mission Improvable, Seriously Bent, NU & Improv'd and Roadkill Buffet
6:30PM Showcase Show featuring Guerilla Improv, Shenanigans and a Coaches JAM!
8:00PM Semi-Finals featuring teams TBD
10:00PM FINALS featuring the Top 3 Teams