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ImprovBoston Show Proposal Form

Use the form below to submit your show proposal for consideration in the next season. Like nature, we feature 4 seasons a year.

We accept rolling submissions year round. Take note of the important programming deadlines below:

Submit by August 15: Acts will be notified by September 1 and scheduled October / November / December

Submit by November 15: Acts will be notified by December 1 and scheduled January / February / March

Submit by February 15: Acts will be notified by March 1 and scheduled April / May / June

Submit by May 15: Acts will be notified by June 1 and scheduled July / August / September

IMPORTANT NOTE: The current version of this form does not allow you to save a draft submission. For now, we suggest you complete your answers offline and paste into this form when you have completed them.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

About You

How are you associated with ImprovBoston? Check all that apply.

The Show

For scripted shows, you should email a draft/finished script, treatment, or writing sample from the show to

Describe your show in one sentence. The marketing team will use this as the starting point for the "one-sentence blurb" for your show.

This should read like the longer marketing blurb for your show. Don’t just describe it, but sell it!

In a couple of paragraphs, detail why this would be a good show for ImprovBoston to schedule. Consider the uniqueness of the concept, difference from other shows we do and/or have done, marketability to both our core audience and new audiences, critical appeal (will people write about it, review it), new opportunity for performers, theatrical and design possibilities, directorial concept, etc.

In an effort to provide as many stage opportunities to as many members of the ImprovBoston community as possible, newer directors are required and all directors are strongly encouraged to hold open auditions for new projects. IB can provide space for your auditions (given availability).

To be considered for a multi-show run, casts must be approved by the Artistic Director.

Please list any CONFIRMED cast members here and indicate if you plan on auditioning for additional ensemble.

We trust that your proposal accurately reflects the talent involved in your project. If you list unconfirmed cast members, your proposal will be dismissed and you risk having future proposals receive lesser consideration.


The more options you select, the more likely we can find you stage time

ImprovBoston schedules shows as best fits the overall programming of the Theater. Not every show should expect the same length run. Please indicate any dates that you cannot produce this show. PLEASE NOTE: Each submission month has a corresponding quarter for scheduling. If you are looking for later dates you can contact the AD directly to discuss the idea, but please submit during the appropriate month.

Describe any scheduling conflicts you may have.


Detail any rehearsal or space needs you may have. Space is limited, but can be offered on an "as available" basis, with priority given to Weekly Casts, Showcase Shows, Festivals and Special Productions.

Any specific plans for how you and ImprovBoston might market or sell this show to insure packed houses for each performance.

Production Team

Please outline your team below. Please secure their involvement BEFORE you submit your proposal. The key to mounting a successful show is assembling a committed Production Team, and as such, proposals will be judged based both on the show itself and the capabilities of the production team.

We trust that your proposal accurately reflects the talent involved in your project. If you list unconfirmed production team members, your proposal will be dismissed and you risk having future proposals receive lesser consideration.

(Mandatory) The Director is responsible for setting and achieving the "vision" of the show, including selecting a cast, running rehearsals, and ensuring the artistic quality of the production. The Director may not serve as the Producer for the show.

(Mandatory) The Producer is ultimately responsible for making sure the show is successful. Their role includes everything from scheduling rehearsals, organizing set design and construction, communicating with the IB Marketing and Management team, etc. This is the most demanding, and often most thankless, role in the production process. The Producer may not serve as the Director for the show.

(Mandatory for Scripted Shows) The Head Writer is responsible for ensuring a complete, producible script is ready for the start of the rehearsal process. The Head Writer is responsible for incorporating AD feedback into official scripts for the show.

Production Design

Detail any specific technical needs for the show here: special lighting and sound, special effects, video or image projection, etc.


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