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Help Us Keep The Laughter Going

We’re looking ahead to another 35 Years of amazing Improv, Sketch and StandUp Comedy


For over 35 years, our community of artists and entertainers push boundaries, take risks and deliver laughter to thousands of theater-goers. Our risk taking paid off with some of the New England’s most exhilarating, innovative comedy - from our polished National Touring Company and Mainstage, to our Showcase Performances and Resident Casts.


As a nonprofit arts organization ImprovBoston serves the community through laughter with youth outreach programs, workshops for businesses, scholarships, a national touring company and, of course, performances at its theater complex in Central Square, Cambridge. With regular performances of New England’s premiere improv, sketch, and standup showcases, and an acclaimed comedy training program, the theater dedicates itself to inspiring, developing, and sharing comedy in all its forms. Through exploring the many important applications of the creative process ImprovBoston seeks to improve the lives of diverse audiences both onstage and off.


Today, like most nonprofits in the country, staying true to our community and mission of low prices for high-quality shows, outreach, comedy classes, and youth programs takes a significant amount of capital.


Which is why it’s always a great time to get involved.

As you make decisions on nonprofits to support, remember the many times that ImprovBoston made you laugh, think, and feel like part of something special. Remember,  art is not a luxury but an enduring and necessary expression of our values and insight.


If we've ever made you laugh - please consider contributing:


  • $35 for 35 years?
  • $70 if we made you laugh twice?
  • $350 if you've been here 10 years?
  • $10,000 for the over 10,000 days we've been in existence?


Your donation today will mean so many will laugh tomorrow.


All credit card donations are made through a secure connection. ImprovBoston respects your privacy and will not share your personal information with any other organizations. All donations are tax deductible. For credit card donations, you will receive an electronic receipt.