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Grad School

improvboston grad school
The Mission of IB Grad School
ImprovBoston Grad School is an exclusive and ever-changing selection of advanced improv opportunities designed to take your game to the next level. We admit only resident cast members and graduates of the 7-level IBCS program who have proven they are serious about comedy. If not already on a resident cast, we believe Grad School students have the potential to be cast in the near future. Grad School serves as a professional development tool for current cast members and a bridge to our casts for Comedy School alumni. 
Admission to IB Grad School 
IB Grad School invites are sent to select students and performers following graduation from the core improv program and after General Auditions every 6 months. We look for performers who demonstrate confidence with the fundamentals of improvisation and our IB-specific vocabulary. Performers interested in Grad School consideration should sign up for a spot at General Auditions.
Check back each session for new professional development opportunities!
Advanced Practice Group
Advanced Scenework
One of the core offerings in IB Grad School, The Advanced Practice Group is an ensemble that meets for 16 weeks featuring a coaching line-up of Boston’s most experienced directors and teachers. The primary goal of APG is direct, actionable feedback for each participant. APG bridges the gap between graduation and IB’s resident casts while also providing valuable skill-stretch opportunities for current cast or alumni. The rotating roster of top-notch coaches gives every performer an opportunity to work with and learn from a collection of the best directors and instructors around, all within a single weekly commitment. The ensemble itself is a hand-selected group of (at most) 12 experienced performers who have previously been accepted into IB Grad School, ensuring a high level of improv proficiency and conceptual understanding. APG focuses on open scenework and personal growth. Coaches may also choose to explore longform structures and shortform techniques week-by-week to challenge performers and address specific improv fundamentals. The Advanced Practice Group includes two showcases, one following week 8 and one at the end of the 16-week commitment.
While a standard two-session program at ImprovBoston costs $450, we are committed to making Grad School opportunities and on-going professional development as affordable as possible for our performers. We are proud to offer APG for an off-set price of $299. Students should miss no more than 3 classes in the 16-week session (unfortunately, no make up sections will be available). 
Pre-req: Invitation Only
Max: 12
Improv 801
Think of 801 as a simulated Mainstage rehearsal process. We'll break down the core components of AllForm as we deconstruct how to create successful improvised running orders. We'll look at game-driven scenework, organic scenework, shortform, longform, musical forms, genre play and pacing moves. We'll explore the tools required to fully connect with and honor an audience every single show. We'll study the wealth of IB resident cast formats and approaches that merge into the ideal Mainstage performance. Additionally, individual feedback is front and center. Expect direct and focused challenges to help each student prepare for her own path to Mainstage.