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IB Awesome Award

The IB Awesome Award is a monthly designation of awesomeness onstage or off at ImprovBoston. The award recognizes extraordinary, positive contributions to our community of artists, our audiences, our staff, our stages or our nonprofit mission. Nominees can be performers, directors, producers, writers, musicians, techs, staff or even die-hard fans; anyone who goes above and beyond to make IB a better place.

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Current and previous IB Awesome Award Winners


April 2014 IB Awesome Award goes to...
Srilatha Rajamani

Srilatha Rajamani has logged a staggering number of hours at the theater for a relative newcomer. In addition to taking the stand up community by storm with her raw, disarming and unassumingly gut laugh-inducing brand of comedy, Srilatha has stepped up behind the scenes.

As an associate producer of SketchHaus and a moderator for the IB Community Facebook page, she's an unwavering pillar of support and kindness. Most recently, she helped create IB Good, the theater's program devoted to helping local organizations through volunteering and other good works. Srilatha is known to all as a steadfast cheerleader of comedy in all its forms.

As she puts it, her love for IB "could fill reams of paper," and her passion for celebrating the socioeconomic and cultural differences in Cambridge shines through her dedication to the many faces of ImprovBoston.


March 2014 IB Awesome Award goes to...
Josh Garneau

Josh Garneau--Tech Director extraordinaire. Volunteer. Secret performer. Incredible guy. Josh was sucked into the IB vortex through classes and volunteering at Boston Comedy Arts Festival (then "BIF"). He's worked magic in the booth and beyond for ImprovBoston milestones like GoreFest, BCAF, The Ruckus, Women in Comedy Festival, Thorns, Downton IB and far too many more to list.

Few artists are content to work passionately from behind the scenes. For years, Josh has helped performers to look their best, directors to realize their artistic dreams and kept producers from going insane all while making his own significant creative contributions. Whether setting the bar for other techs, setting a blood cannon, making a cameo or mopping up after setting a blood cannon, Josh makes ImprovBoston a better place to play, take risks and laugh.

And after the countless hours, Josh remains as awesome as ever, saying: "I've been welcomed into a group that has hugged me as hard as I've hugged it back - and it's one of my proudest achievements that I am privileged to be a part of this community."

Thank you, Josh Garneau!

February, 2014 IB Awesome Award goes to...

TC Cheever

TC Cheever is the best example any of us could ask for of "Yes, And". Some of you may not have had the pleasure of knowing TC, but you certainly know of him.  Why? Because his legacy is so strong at this theater and in our hearts.  Why? Because his spirit and his work demand it.  TC came to ImprovBoston as a young man eager to learn and eager to share with a legendary laugh.  He left as a wise teacher, brilliant performer and patient director, all with that same legendary laugh.  On stage TC was the partner you dreamed of --- supportive, quick, and truly wanting nothing more than to make you look good.  Off-stage he was our kind-hearted bartender always ready to listen, the guy you always hoped was in your audience (again, that laugh) and the person ready to give you the best hug you ever had and who asked "How are you?" and really wanted the answer.  
TC started his ImprovBoston career at Jams with Renegade Duck, then began belting his amazing voice with Musical Improv Company.  He was a member then co-director of Theatersports where he was lovingly referred to as "singing Bobby".  He wrote many IB shows including An Evening with Ladley & Craig, What the Dickens and Lube! The Musical. 
TC was a great collaborator and an even better friend.  He inspires us to be better.  More than a dozen ImprovBoston community members were inspired enough to train for a year and head to Disney World a few weeks ago to run in his name.  Marathons, half marathons, 5K's, this man inspired people to push themselves beyond what they thought they could do.  He inspired them rethink what was possible.  He inspires all of us to do the same. 
His artistic voice lives on at ImprovBoston with Thorns, a show he co-created with Deana Criess which will have its sixth annual performance this Valentine's Day at 10PM.  All proceeds will benefit the TC Cheever Family Trust and The Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers at Massachusetts General Hospital. 
TC, you truly were, and are, awesome.