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IBEverybody: Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


“We strive to open minds, expand opportunities, encourage new voices and build better comedy”


3 Easy Ways To Get Involved With ImprovBoston

Intro to Improv (I2I): A welcoming and fun free weekly workshop in improvisation perfect for those who want to give improv a shot, including those who have never stepped foot on stage.


Scholarships: Know you want to pursue comedy? We have a growing roster of diversity, economic, age and physical ability scholarships that cover the entire journey of your chosen program at IB, be it improv, sketch, standup or musical improv.


IB Connect: If you’re already enrolled in classes, join up with IB Connect, our completely free one-on-one mentorship program designed to get you feeling right at home in the sometimes overwhelming world of ImprovBoston.


As a nonprofit theater, we work diligently and passionately to better reflect the community in which we live. While there are so many powerful reasons to foster a more inclusive organization onstage, in our classrooms and in our audiences, the most immediate one is simple: better comedy.

The more perspectives we showcase, the smarter and richer, more resonant, truthful, creative and accessible our art is. For ImprovBoston, diversity isn’t just about providing opportunity to underrepresented voices, it’s about providing invaluable opportunities for creative growth and inspirational collaboration to our existing performers and audiences.


When it comes to age, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, economic and every other important measure of inclusivity, our guiding philosophy is this: we strive to open minds, expand opportunities, encourage new voices and build better comedy. Our approach is to offer as many creative opportunities to as many artists and patrons as possible.


This is a living, breathing, messy and wonderful conversation. Join us in the dialogue. Tell us what works for you, what you’d like to see, how you’d like to contribute to making ImprovBoston a welcoming creative home for everyone. We are always learning, always adapting.


Some Of Our On-Going Opportunities and Initiatives

Here's a list of some of our recent offerings to bring more perspectives to ImprovBoston onstage, in our classrooms and in our audiences. This list is by no means comprehensive.

  • * Leadership-level conversations with comedy theaters around the country
  • * Outreach/Diversity Scholarships
  • * Economic Scholarships
  • * Disability Scholarships (partnering with No Limits Media)
  • * Senior Scholarships (for those 60 yrs and better)
  • * Town Halls & Coffee Breaks on Diversity
  • * Director Training Program (for diversity in leadership)
  • * Faculty Training Program (for diversity in leadership
  • * MicroBrew: Longform Improv directing and performing opportunities with a focus on women and underrepresented voices
  • * A commitment to free and accessibly priced shows
  • * Free weekly introductory workshops in improv to eliminate barriers to entry
  • * Free audition workshops for women
  • * Free audition workshops for all (with a focus on respect and awareness)
  • * Free women's directing workshop series
  • * Diversity Mixer - The first Thursday of Every Month at 7pm
  • * An in-depth Board-Level anonymous study on the experience of women at ImprovBoston
  • * Extensive pro bono and at-cost work in under-funded schools throughout New England
  • * Pro bono and at-cost workshops for organizations like Rosie's Place, Cambridge after-school programs, etc
  • * Sponsorship of arts programs in Cambridge schools (at IB)
  • * Targeted programming of shows representing diverse voices throughout the year
  • * Support for indie teams with a commitment to diversity through rehearsal space, marketing and coaching
  • * Mandatory HR training for all staff and resident cast
  • * Year-long series of Faculty Summits to raise awareness of and brainstorm solutions to diversity challenges
  • * Revamping of the improv curriculum to address inclusion, respect, and awareness
  • * Inclusive mixer & jam for voices of diversity and interested allies
  • * Partnership with Women in Comedy Festival
  • * Building a cohesive Safe Space Statement


Our Philosophy on Casting

No one gets on a resident cast without artistically earning his/her/hirs spot. Period. We actively seek performers who can increase the cultural perspectives represented onstage. It’s good for business, good for the community and, frankly, good for comedy.

IB CONNECT: our student mentorship program

Our Comedy School students receive invitations to participate in IB Connect. The program is sponsored by ImprovBoston and carries no cost to the student.

The mission of IB Connect is to welcome students into the IB Family with a friendly and laid back one-on-one approach. While not exclusively open to students who reflect diversity (age, color, physical ability, gender identity, socio-economic background...), the program is designed for those who can benefit from a more personal IB connection. We want to help newer members of our community connect with people who may have similar experiences and help students:

*know they have a home here
*see that they’re not alone
*understand their contributions are valued
*discover IB opportunities that match their interests
*get oriented in the expansive landscape of all that ImprovBoston is and does
*find casual and encouraging support, whether it be on the social scene, for creative growth or to navigate the maze of auditions/show proposals/jams/etc.
*connect with someone who “has their back” throughout their IBCS journey...and beyond.

IB Connect is a completely free gateway for students to experience the ever-expanding, increasingly inclusive world of ImprovBoston.

To find out more about what’s going on with IBEverybody today or to take part in the diversity/inclusion conversation, please shoot us an email.