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ImprovBoston Space Rentals

ImprovBoston is pleased to offer space rentals at our 620 Massachussetts Ave Location. This space may be reserved in 2 hour blocks and must be booked according to the below policies. Space reservations close one week in advance of the desired date, so book early!

Contact with any off-site space rental inquires. 


The 620 Mass Ave space will be available for rental beginning February 6, 2016. Interested parties may use the space for rehearsals at the discretion of the ImprovBoston management. The space will be available for rental in 2 hour blocks during the following times:
Saturdays from 10AM-10PM
Acts with direct ties to ImprovBoston or upcoming shows scheduled at the theater may reserve the space for $20/hour. Outside acts looking to reserve the space may do so at a rate of $30/hour.
To book a rental, visit this ticketing page and input the necessary information.
Our no-refund policy extends to the 620 Mass Ave space rental. If you book the space and back out you will not be able to get your money back. 
Important notes about the space
  • -- The space will be booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • -- Space reservations close one week in advance of the desired date, so book early!
  • -- The space is only available in 2 hour blocks. 
  • -- Only the individual who signs up to reserve the space (completes form) will be given the key to the rehearsal space. There are no exceptions here. 
  • -- No drugs, alcohol or smoking/tobacco products (including vapes) may be in the space at ANY time. 
  • -- Please leave the space as beautiful as you found it.
  • -- Please do not exceed the time limit allotted in your 2-hour space reservation
  • -- If the space key is not returned within 15 minutes of your timeblock's end, we will have to charge the renter a $50 fee.
  • -- The space is not to be used for paid or commercial ventures (with the exception of a paid coach or director leading a team's rehearsal).
Mission of this Space Rental 
The rental of the 620 Mass Ave location reflects ImprovBoston's mission as a nonprofit to support the community through laughter by opening opportunities for teams to rehearse. The decided rates are necessary to help the theater cover its costs for the space rental. We have done our best to keep these rates well below market value.
Your cooperation on the aforementioned guidelines is necessary for us to continue to provide this service...if the space is not properly taken care of, we won't be able to afford the bandwidth or resources to keep the space open to the community at a nominal price.