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StandUp ThrowDown: StandUp Tournament


Finals on Friday, May 27 @ 10PM!

StandUp ThrowDown, ImprovBoston's 3rd Annual StandUp Tournament (formerly People's Battle) unites Boston’s best standup comics in an epic, month-long tournament to crown Boston's top comedian. From April 30 - May 27, the tournament will dish out non-stop laughs, featuring 50 hilarious comedians over 10 nights! A panel of ImprovBoston’s best comedians judge each round and they, along with the audience decide who shall be crowned the champion of StandUp! 

Preliminary Rounds
Every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM from April 30 - May 15
(in lieu of the regularly scheduled 
Battle Royale and People's Show)
8 comics per show, 5-7 minute sets.

Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22 at 9pm
Featuring the top 12 comics (6 per show)

Top 6 comics on May 27 at 10pm in the Main Theater


COMIC SCHEDULE (Click the date to purchase tickets)

Saturday, April 30 @ 9PM: Hosted by Josh Poirier, Featuring Kwasi Mensah, Alex Gettlin, Emanuele Perola, Kylie Alexander, James Huessy, Angela Sawyer, Aaron Yoches, Randy Williams
Sunday, May 1 @ 9PM: Hosted by Kevin Quigley, Featuring Zach Armentrout, Owen Linders, Laura Merli, Joe Medoff, Dave Bartlett, Alexander Jones, Robert Pooley, Ellory Smith
Saturday, May 7 @ 9PM: Hosted by Sean Clarke, Featuring Shaun Connolly, Adam Langlois, Sam Ike, Eion Falance, Micah Leslie, David McLaughlin, Ellen Sugarman, Jeff Landry
Sunday, May 8 @ 9PM: Hosted by Kevin Quigley, Featuing Scott McLaughlin, Dylan Krasinski, Laura Clark, Ben Keefe, Robbie MacDougall, Elisha Siegel, John Sucich, Christopher Swanson
Saturday, May 14 @ 9PM: Hosted by Sean Clarke, Featuring Zachary Brazão, Kenya Claytor, David Thomas, Jimmy Whitman, Will Martin, Gloria Rose, Rasheed Townes, Jay Heller
Sunday, May 15 @ 9PM: Hosted by Kevin Quigley, Featuring Jo Galvin, Michael Burd, Joe Kozlowsky, Jiayong Li, Carrie Ross, Alan Richardson, Katie Que, Dylan Uscher
Semi-Finals: Saturday, May 21 @ 9PM: Hosted by Sean Clarke, Featuring Kwasi Mensah, Robert Pooley, Shaun Connolly, John Sucich, Kenya Claytor, Jiayong Li
Semi-Finals: Sunday, May 22 @ 9PM: Hosted by Josh Poirier, Featuring James Huessy, Laura Merli, Sam Ike, Laura Clark, Jimmy Whitman, Alan Richardson
Finals: Friday, May 27 @ 10PM in the Main Theater: Featuring Kwasi Mensah, Sam Ike, Laura Clark, Kenya Claytor, Jiayong Li and Alan Richardson



  • The Champion Receives:
  • A month-long People's Show booking and hosting residency
  • A coveted opening slot for a ImprovBoston Presents act (of national renown) 
  • One Year of Free ImprovBoston Shows
  • Hosting Opportunities at the 2016 Boston Comedy Arts Festival
    Teaching Opportunities at the ImprovBoston Comedy School
  • Shure SM58 Microphone

Prizes will also be awarded to second and third place finishers