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StandUp ThrowDown: StandUp Tournament


StandUp ThrowDown: ImprovBoston StandUp Tournament


Finals - Friday, May 29 @ 9PM


Announcing our 2015 finalists: David Thomas, Anthony Zonfrelli, Jordan Handren - Seavy, Kathe Farris, Dave Bartlett and Wes Hazard.


StandUp ThrowDown, ImprovBoston's 2nd Annual StandUp Tournament (formerly People's Battle) unites Boston’s best standup comics in an epic, month-long tournament to crown Boston's top comedian. From May 2 - May 29, the tournament will dish out non-stop laughs, featuring 50 hilarious comedians over 10 nights! A panel of ImprovBoston’s best comedians judge each round and they, along with the audience decide who shall be crowned the champion of StandUp! 

  • The Champion Receives:
  • An exclusive run in the ImprovBoston Studio
  • A coveted opening slot for a ImprovBoston Presents act (of national renown) 
  • One Year of Free ImprovBoston Shows
  • Hosting Opportunities at the 2015 Boston Comedy Arts Festival
  • Shure SM58 Microphone

Prizes will also be awarded to second and third place finishers 


Preliminary Rounds
 May 2 - May 17 during Battle Royale and People's Show time slots (Saturdays & Sundays at 9pm).
8 comics per show, 5-7 minute sets.

12 comics on May 23 & 24 at 9pm

Top 6 comics on May 29 at 10pm in the Mainstage

Saturday, May 23 @ 9PMAnthony Zonfrelli, Bryce Hanson, Elena Jawitz, David Thomas, Mariel Cabral, Jordan Handren-Seavey and Arty DeMattia
Sunday, May 24 @ 9PMMolly Brenner, Shaun Connolly, Wes Hazard, Christopher Post, Kathe Farris, Chris Nakis, Dave Bartlett and George Annas
Battle Royale May 2: Jamie Loftus hosts Justin P. Drew, Dave Bartlett, Anthony Zonfrelli, Kylie Alexander, Damian Burke, Jeff Landry, Tim Sturtevant and Jordan Handren-Seavey
People’s Show May 3: Dana Jay Bein hosts Kwasi Mensah, Chris Nakis, Kenice Mobley, Jimmy Whitman, Arty Przychodzki, Dylan Krasinski, Wes Hazard and Matt Miller
Battle Royale May 9 Jamie Loftus hosts Reece Cotton, James Huessy, David Thomas, Kathe Farris, Matt Kona, Ethan Diamond, Laura Severse and Sam Ike
Battle Royale May 16 Jamie Loftus hosts Tom Severo, Mariel Cabral, Bryce Hanson, Gypsy Howling Wolf, Bryan Muenzer , Stirling Smith, Sam Pelletier, Todd Clay and Angela Sawyer
People’s Show May 17Dana Jay Bein hosts Lauren Walleser, Christopher Post, Luke Touma, Molly Brenner, Arty DeMattia, Kate Procyshyn, George Annas and Jesse Miles
Comedy Lottery - Wednesday, May 20 @ 10PM (FREE): Dana Jay Bein hosts Conor Allen, Drew Bligh, Shaun Connolly, Brett Johnson, Elena Jowitz and Sean Sullivan