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Music Comedy Night

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Music Comedy Night is ImprovBoston's dedicated spot on the calendar for musical comedy in all its brilliant and infuriatingly catchy forms. Every 2nd Thursday of the month at 930pm in the Main Theater, check out the best the Boston comedy scene has to offer when it comes to all things musical. The monthly show is anchored by IB's very own MIC (the Musical Improv Cast) and features other fantastic musical improv, sketch and comedy band acts from around the city. The evening also boasts a musical improv jam perfect for all of our music improv program grads, resident cast performers and indie singprov team veterans. See you there!
Music Comedy Night Lineups
GoreFest preview - ImprovBoston's annual splatter-musical
Agent Superball
Founded in 2015, Agent Superball is one of the most established indie singprov groups in Boston. We currently perform in shows at ImprovBoston (Studio 40, Comedy Lab), the Riot Theater, and the Green Room (OnPoint Improv) and participate in festivals such as the NYMIF (New York Musical Improv Festival) and PIF (Providence Improv Festival). Our format focuses on short form games although we work on other formats to ensure we’re well-rounded (Pun Intended). 
Killer Whale
A Musical is a show for improv lovers and musical theater lovers alike. There will be improvised duets, dancing, love discovered and destroyed...
Night Wings
A musical bat (takes place in complete darkness) performed by our National Touring Company. 
Sarah and Romey met in Improv 101 and the rest is history, er, comedy. Teaming up with one of ImprovBoston's most seasoned (and fierce) music directors, Jeff Kimball, they embark to bring a brand new and truly unique show to the Boston improv scene.
And of course, each show featues a performance by ImprovBoston's very own Music Improv Cast (MIC)