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THORNS roasts Valentine's Day in Cambridge!

THORNS roasts Valentine's Day in Cambridge!

THORNS is an annual event at ImprovBoston and we offer it up, not just because we want to do it (AND OH DO WE WANT IT! BAD! WE WANT IT REALLLL BAD!), but because the people of Cambridge and Boston deserve the chance to see it. They deserve the chance to escape the monotony and disgust of relationship bliss. They deserve the opportunity to laugh at the potential misfortune of friends who "found" someone, and tricked them into sticking around, for now. Don't worry, THORNS IS A COMEDY SHOW. With standup and music, characters, and true life stories.

Maybe even an old diary entry or two. 

It will be hilarious for single people and people "in relationships" --although you may want to show up separately. Proposals during the show are highly discouraged, but would be AMAZING --although we do not have a jumbotron. Basically, we promise we will make you laugh so hard you may even consider peeing yourself for a momentary release. We do this while proving, without a doubt, that anybody who truly believes 'tis better to have loved and lost has clearly never had their heart ripped from their chest and stomped into the ground.

Lineups COMING SOON; But we highly suggest buying tickets now.


Shows @ 730pm and 930pm

TICKETS ARE $16, $12 for students ($45 for happy couples)

PLEASE NOTE: This show recommended for audiences 17+