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Summer 2012 | New Cast Announcement

The Future


IB Auditions saw more people and a much higher caliber of talent than it has in years. As a national comedy hub we may be turning a corner, TOWARDS THE FUTURE! Harold, Family Show, Face Off and TourCo callbacks were exceptionally impressive; almost every scene could have gone up in front of an audience, and would have made any director proud.

Since our directors only had a limited number of spots to fill, deliberations were not easy, but we are proud to announce the New Cast additions for SUMMER and FALL 2012!


Family Show (directed and produced by Joe Creedon)

Brady TaylorBurch SimonEmily HollandLindsay GonzalesSarah BellKatie SemineHolly TarnowerEmily FranzwaChristine TooheyMaryBeth Makara, Sam Ike, Melanie Hardy, Dan Chapman, Emily Laverdiere, Ben Walsh

Face Off (directed and produced by John Serpico)

Lexie KossCamilo AladroShawn MusgraveMarcelo IIlarmoNatalie Cunha, Nate Stoddard, Nils Vaule, Kelsey McLaughlin, Ken BreeseJenna O'Brien, Jeremiah Jordan, Ari Stern, Ellie Race-Moore, Nick Garner, Thomas Towell

TourCo (directed and produced by Mike Descoteaux)

Deana TolliverPat ParhialaEmily HollandBryce ReadEmily LaverdiereMarc Hirsh, Michael Buckley, MaryBeth Makara, Mickey MacCauley, Melanie Hardy, Sam Ike

Harold Night (produced by Jeff Perry)

20 BRAND NEW Harold Cast Members: Carrie Dzrik, Eric Volkert, Vanessa Ouellette, Peter Overzet, Claire Smithney, Tim Hannafin, Russell Sickinger, Shane Tully, Eric Frieden, Sean Clarke, Annie Kozakiewicz, Amy Frizzi, Griff O’Brien, Tim Gustafson, Nick Schoen, Ryan Sheely, Maura Costello, Rachel Dougnac, Russ Sweetser, Brian Stonelake

Maxitor (directed by Rachel Klein)
Rachel Klein, Jackie Arko, Shannon Connolly, Natalie Baseman, Sasha Goldberg

Rich Uncle (directed by Jeff Perry)
Pete Fenzel, Alex LeBaron, Jimi McAvoy, Michelle McNulty, Brendan Mulhern, Ben Scurria, Carrie Dzrik, Eric Frieden

Birthday Milk (directed by Rachel Klein and Shannon Connolly)
Lori Strauss, Marty Johnson, Ben Walsh, Ken Breese, Brendon Bates, Jeff Perry, Maile Shoule, Tim Stonelake

Buskers (directed by Ben Snitkof)
Conor Allen, Leiran Biton, Jack McNamara, Josh Michel,
Erik Volkert, Sean Clarke, Annie Kozakiewicz, Amy Frizzi

Respectable Gentlemen (directed by Zach Ward)
Mike Varejao, Brian Donnelly, Geoff Ross, Griff O’Brien, Michael Buckley

NEW TEAM (directed by Jeff Perry)
Claire Smithney, Tim Hannafin, Alie Bornstein, Russell Sickinger, Shane Tully, Peter Overzet, Vanessa Ouellette, Benjamin Snitkoff

NEW TEAM (directed by Jackie Arko)
Tim Gustafson, Nick Schoen, Ryan Sheely, Maura Costello, Rachel Dougnac, Russ Sweetser, Nils Vaule, Brian Stonelake


Everyone who came out this weekend knows what an amazing two days it was and how much raw talent we have here in our community. Honestly, we ran auditions, but it felt more like two straight days of comedy shows. Incredible. Remember that the opportunities here do not stop. If you have ideas, please let us know. If you have questions, just ask.

The ImprovBoston STUDIO 40 program will be kicking off a new and aggressive push for the Summer, starting with a
STUDIO 40 Marathon on Monday June 25th (so people can check out existing Studio Teams before early July auditions) and a Talent Development Summit on Sunday July 15th to discuss performer growth and artistic opportunities at the Theater.

CELEBRATE THESE NEW CAST MEMBERS AT OUR PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT TONIGHT! 630PM at ImprovBoston. After the announcement people can stay for Comedy Lab or you can head over to The Field and buy these new ImprovBoston comedians a drink.

Thank you!

Will Luera, Zach Ward and the IB Family