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Keep The Laughter Going!

Help us raise $35,000 for our 35th year!

We are continuing to raise funds throughout the year to help offset our epic theater upgrade costs. With a list of expenses a mile long, every penny helps. We're ready to give ImprovBoston the physical update our spaces and artist and patrons so fully deserve. Your donation supports a cause we can all believe in — serving the community through laughter.



A nonprofit comedy theater with a mission to serve our community through laughter,
ImprovBoston is a place where performers and community members alike
embrace the power of comedy to change lives.

Our theater complex at 40 Prospect Street has been our home for nearly 10 years,
with bigger audiences discovering ImprovBoston every year.



Our current facilities were not built to accommodate the foot traffic we now see on a weekly basis. As a result, this year we will undertake a major theater overhaul.

The entire project is expected to cost around $100,000, and we hope to raise $35,000 from our supporters.
This theater refresh has been a long time coming, and we need your help to make our home as beautiful and functional a space
as possible while serving the needs of our ever-growing number of patrons and performers.

Projects at the theater will ideally include:

  • Lobby: Complete new lobby layout, bar, box office, lighting, flooring, office, and storage space

  • Main Hallway: New lighting, new paint, new floors, and sound-proofing common areas from performance space

  • Bathrooms: Complete overhaul of all bathrooms at the theater

  • Main Theater: New stage surface, new seating arrangement, new flooring, and fresh paint on walls

  • Studio Theater: New seating and stage

  • Green Room: Updated flooring, updated walls, and improved seating space

  • Classroom and other common areas: New flooring, seating, and paint

With your help, we’ll be able to hit 35 for 35!

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As a small token of our appreciation, all donors will be featured in a special 35th anniversary graphic in our new lobby.

Thank you all! 


Thank you to our 2017 Individual Donors:

1,750.00Leslie Walstrom
1,500.00Jennie Weiner
1,250.00John Serpico
1,000.00Matthew Chan
1,000.00Elyse Schuerman
505.00George Annas
500.00Anit Das
500.00Roy Doolittle
500.00Padraic O'Connor
500.00Janet Scurria
500.00Ben Snitkoff
500.00Gail and Louis Snitkoff
400.35Michael Descoteaux
350.00Danielle Andruskiwec
350.00Mike Cox
350.00Deana Criess
350.00Joshua Garneau
350.00Scott Istvan
300.00Stephen Gilbane
300.00Terry Gostow
300.00Dan Pratt
300.00Ben Sandler
250.00Heather Amsden
250.00Joshua Gondelman
250.00Kristie LaSalle
200.35Mac Gostow
200.00Danny Balel
200.00Molly Bourque
200.00Adam Brooks
200.00Emily DiPietro
200.00Kara Gelormini
200.00Mike & Karen Kelly
200.00Samuel Lopez
200.00Kelly MacFarland
200.00Liz Roderick
200.00Tom Spataro
200.00Rachel Von Ahn
150.35Greg Wymer
150.00Teresa H Kinsella
150.00Rachel Spannuth
145.00Brittany Perro
135.00Joshua Garneau
125.00Eric Caldwell
101.00Penny Linda Roderick
100.00Chloe Ainley
100.00Stephen Bauer-Balel
100.00Kaitlin Buckley
100.00Daniel Chapman
100.00Eric Connally
100.00Janet Connolly
100.00Ann Crimmins
100.00Matthew DeNardo
100.00Al and Nikki Descoteaux
100.00Debra Falzoi
100.00Rod Ferguson
100.00Billiums Giometto
100.00Ken and Gretchen Gray
100.00Tim Hannafin
100.00Ellen Holbrook
100.00Emily Holland
100.00Ernest Iannaccone
100.00The Barry Marshall Family Marshall
100.00Matthew McMahan
100.00Judith Nathans
100.00Jennifer Oswald
100.00Melissa Paradice
100.00Noah Pestana
100.00Devin Quinlan
100.00Amy Rubin
100.00Jess Salpietro
100.00Craig & Cheryl Sirois
100.00Ricky Sirois
100.00Romey Sklar
100.00Bryan Smith
100.00Elisabeth Swan
100.00Joe Szafarowicz
100.00Matt Walczak
100.00Jake Walker
80.00Miki Manting
75.00Michael Krefting
75.00Jared Littlejohn
69.69Bryan Marshall
50.35Alex Lancaster
50.35Anna Ring
50.00Trevor Burnham
50.00Patricia Chapman
50.00Jaime Church
50.00Jaime Church
50.00Laura Clark
50.00Gwendolyn Coburn
50.00Sam Dillavou
50.00Phillip Jaffe
50.00Joan Larason
50.00David Mogolov
50.00Rob Mulligan
50.00Elinor Nelson
50.00Jennifer Ostojski
50.00Lauren Powers
50.00Kate Procyshyn
50.00Kevin Quigley
50.00Bryce Read
50.00Meg Sinick
50.00Lori Strauss
50.00Mark Thomas
50.00Ashley Voltz
50.00Jon Weed
44.00Michael Girts
35.35Sarah Pelrin
35.00Benjamin Gibb
35.00Dede Goldsmith
35.00Brian Higgins
35.00Cynthia Mahmoud
35.00Joann Martyn
35.00Karen Woodward Massey
35.00Alden Masters
35.00Benjamin Russell
35.00Stacey Snyder
30.00Rachel Andelman
30.00Maya Bialik
30.00Susan Heanssler
30.00Adi Heller
25.00Charles Andelman
25.00Alex Barber
25.00Lindsey Driscoll
25.00Dan Dropkin-Frank
25.00Michelle Dunnewind Nathan
25.00Linda Eknoian
25.00Ray Fallon
25.00Mary Ferrara
25.00RJ Foley IV
25.00Sarah Moylan
25.00George Newton
25.00Jess Pfohl
25.00Sumeet Sarin
25.00Thomas Towell
25.00Lucy Wolf
20.00Maura Coyle
20.00Charlotte Germain
20.00Caitlin Gettler
20.00Liz Jukovsky
20.00Julia Levine
20.00Hayley Sherwood
20.00Rhett Sosebee
15.00Amy Casey
10.00Conor Allen
10.00Margarita Archilla
10.00Isabella O'Connell
10.00Madelaine Tolliver
5.00Madawna Hamel
5.00Carrie Ross
2.00Hugh Guiney