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StandUp Tournament


ImprovBoston StandUp Tournament

April 12-May 30, 2014

ImprovBoston's StandUp Tournament unites Boston’s best Stand Up Comedians in an epic, 2-month tournament to crown the "People's Best." From April 12 - May 30, the tournament will dish out non-stop laughs, featuring more than 75 hilarious comedians over 8 nights - and that's just the prelims! A panel of ImprovBoston’s best comedians judge each round and they, along with the audience decide who shall be crowned the champion of Stand Up! 

  • The Champion Receives:
  • An exclusive run in the ImprovBoston Studio
  • A coveted opening slot for a ImprovBoston Presents act (of national renown) 
  • An invitation join the ImprovBoston Comedy School faculty as a guest teacher
  • One Year of Free ImprovBoston Shows

Prizes will also be awarded to second and third place finishers 


Preliminary Rounds
 April 12 - May 18 during Battle Royale and People's Show time slots (Saturdays & Sundays at 9pm).
10 comics per show, 5-7 minute sets.

16 comics on May 24 & 25 at 9pm

Top 8 comics on May 30 at 10pm in the Mainstage

Prelims (Subject to Change)
Saturday 4/12 @ 9pmCaitlin Durante, Ruth Ferrick, Chris Nakis, Christa Weiss, Doug Fitzgerald, Gypsy Howling Wolf, Mike O'Brien, Sam Ike, Scott McLaughlin and Trey Burnham
Sunday 4/13 @ 9pmAdam Langlois, Justin P. Drew, Kristin Seltman, Dave Stern, Jere Pilapil, Katie Goetsch, Damian Burke, Robbie MacDougal, David Bartlett, Kate Procyshyn
Saturday 4/26 @ 9pmMatt Aromando, Shane McHugh, Jamie Loftus, Joe Kozlowski, Rev James Christie, Christine An, Ross Huston, Deadair Dennis Maler, Wes Hazard, Keith Gleason
Sunday 4/27 @ 9pmKylie Alexander, Robert Darnell, Dylan Krasinski, Elena Jawitz, Benjamin Gould, Chris Post, Jeff Young, Greg Boggis, Jimmy Whitman
Saturday 5/3 @ 9pmAnthony Capobianco, Brian GlowackiTom Severo, Scott Oddo, Conor Allen, Ryan Donahue, Meghan O'Toole, Ethan Marsh, Kathe Ferris, Hannie Khalil
Sunday 5/4 @ 9pmRohan Padye, Stirling Smith, Kwasi Mensah, Casey Malone, Niraj Shah, Michael Kerrigan, Drew Bligh, Kevin Seefried, Mickey McCauley, Mike Mulloy, Shaun Connolly
Saturday 5/17 @ 9pmMatt Kona, Brett Johnson, James Lindsay, Rob Crean, Srilatha Rajamani, Abishek Shah, Bryan Muenzer, James Nixon, Jiayong Li, Kenice Mobley
Sunday 5/18 @ 9pmMikhail Han, Jake Ferretti, Patty Gould, Nick Ortalani, Sam Pelletier, Katilin Buckley, Jen Ruggirello, Tim Sturtevant, Chris Swanson, Tara Young
Saturday 5/24 @ 9pmMike O'Brien, Caitlin Durante, Shane McHugh, Wes Hazard, Meghan O'Toole, Tom Severo, Matt Kona and Kenice Mobley
Sunday  5/25 @ 9pmJere Pilapil, David Bartlett, Chris Post, Benjamin Gould, Mickey McCauley, Drew Bligh, Nick Ortalani and Tim Sturtevant
Friday, May 30 @ 10pm: Caitlin Durante,  Matt Kona, Tom Severo,Meghan O'Toole, Jere Pilapil, David Bartlett, Nick Ortolani and Drew Bligh

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