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Perform at ImprovBoston

There are many ways to start performing at ImprovBoston. We recommend taking a class and seeing a show to discover what you are interested in. You can find information on classes and our Comedy School in the training section of our website.


We accept rolling submissions year round. Take note of the important programming deadlines below:

  • --Submit by January 15 for May-August
    --Submit by April 15 for August-November
    --Submit by July 15 for November-February
    --Submit by October 15 for February-May


To submit a Show Proposal, complete this online form

If you have any questions, contact Artistic Director Mike Descoteaux



Here are the at-a-glance capabilities and capacities of our two theaters, both located in the ImprovBoston complex at 40 Prospect St Cambridge...

MAINSTAGE (Capacity: 90)

~new, state-of-the-art lighting system including color-changing LEDs, specials, house lights and a fully programmable touch screen light board.
~removable stage extension (S.R.) giving actors extra room to play and the ability to cleanly isolate scenes/environments
~isolated tech booth with full equipment rack, new electric, Mac and Windows computers and much more
~new sound system with a 12-channel mixer, powered speaker, and subwoofer
~wired handheld mics for use offstage or onstage
~standup cue light
~top-of-the-line HD projector with large automated drop-down screen stage right
~gels and gobos for lighting options
~industry standard video playback software for mainstage videos
~backstage areas left and right masked by curtain on a traveler 
~upstage center entrance and open window stage left for entrances/exits
~wheelchair accessible with optional ramp

STUDIO (Capacity: 40)

~New larger and sturdier stage
~Red cabaret curtains to frame the stage
~tracked black curtains upstage and custom drapes surrounding the room for sound proofing and aesthetics
~red curtains with gold trim framing the stage
~custom-built tech booth with improved sight lines, equipment storage and durability
~New storage closet giving more room for audience and wings
~12 pro theatrical lighting instruments with programmable light board
~wired handheld mics for use onstage and offstage
~12 channel sound board and stereo speakers
~new projector and large automated screen
~engraved IB logo upstage
~new carpet flooring
~wheelchair accessible with removable ramp


Interested in performing in a particular show? The shows below may accept programming requests outside the quarterly theater-wide proposal process. Contact the producers below:

CageMatch | Producer - Moiramarie Notarstefano & Teddy Myers |
SketchHaus |  Producers - Kevin Quigley and Dan Strom |
HaroldNight | Producers -  Lauren Magnuson &Taylor Cotter |
Comedy Lab | Producer - Meg Sinick, Matt Bistany, Chloe Zwiacher and Ramy Abdelghani |
BattleRoyale | Producers - Ashley Voltz and Sean Clarke |
Comedy JAM | Producer - Mac Gostow |
Studio 40 | Producer - Lauren Robinson & Mike Cox |
LaughterRisk* | Producers - Emmy Serviss, Ramy Abdelghani and Anthony Zonfrelli |


If you are interested in receiving our audition announcements contact

Auditions are also posted here.


Standups looking for stage time in one of our many standup venues should contact Comics are also welcome to submit show formats and concepts for solo runs through our show proposal process. Comics may also reach out to the below producers with inquiries about a particular standup show.

Comedy Lottery | Producer - Dana Jay Bein |
Night Cap | Producer - Rob Crean |
Battle Royale | Producers - Sean Clarke, Ashley Voltz |
People's Show | Producer - Dana Jay Bein |

Check out IB's approach to Standup Comedy here.


The Comedy Lab at ImprovBoston allows performers of all the comedy arts, both veteran and new, to workshop and refine conceptual shows in a supportive environment. We typically book a 25 minute opener and 25 minute closer for each show. Openers and closers may repeat throughout the course of the month or for just a week. In between those sets we book a 20 minute set which rotates each week. 
Show Proposal Process
We are interested in new shows and forms performed and directed by artists from within the ImprovBoston community. We also book high-quality sets from indie and guest performers. We do not book current programming offerings. For example, we would not book a team to perform a Harold and we would not book Face Off to run their weekly set. However, we would book those cast members for entirely new shows and other forms. 
To submit to Comedy Lab, please copy and paste this application in an email and send it, with your fields filled out, to! Please put in the subject line the name of your contact person and the name of the show (for example: KELSEY LAWLER, THE IRON SIDES OF MARCH)  We (Matt Bistany, Ramy Abdelghani, Chloe Zwiacher, and Meg Sinick) will get back to you either way (we're booking you! Or, here's why we aren't going to book you this time around). Thank you for keeping the spirit of exploratory and experimental comedy alive! 
Matt Bistany, Ramy Abdelghani, Chloe Zwiacher, and Meg Sinick 
Comedy Lab Producers
  • WHO ARE YOU? [Name of the contact person for your show]:
  • EMAIL [What's the best way to reach this person?]:
  • YOUR SHOW [What's the name of the show you're submitting?]:
  • FIRST TIME? [Has this show ever been produced before? If so, where and when?]
  • HUH? [What is your show all about? (feel free to go into more detail than you might in a facebook invite.)]:
  • TAGLINE [a one-sentence marketing-ready show description]:
  • BLURB [a brief paragraph marketing-ready show description]:
  • CAST [Who's in the cast? (first name, last name / first name, last name / etc.)]:
  • PRODUCTION TEAM [Who's the director? musician? writer? etc]:
  • WHY YOU? [Tell us why you think your show is the best fit for the Comedy Lab!]: