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IB RADIO SPECIAL 6: Cambridge Footlights Coming all the way from Cambridge UK, the Cambridge Footlights drop into our Cambridge theater to talk about what it's like in Cambridge and how they like visiting Cambridge. Jack McNamara interviews from inside a well in this special edition of the ImprovBoston podcast.

IB RADIO SPECIAL 5, Part 2 Jack McNamara interviews 10 of the casts that made up the 3rd Annual Boston Improv Festival. Part 2 of the epic, two-part miniseries.

WICKED FUNNY - Episode 202 This week we use the recording equipment the Libyans gave us to bring you the funny. Unlikely cohorts Marty McFly and Biff Tannen take a break from 1.21 Jigowatts (Fridays @ 8pm) to drop in from the 20th Century to talk the past. Tune in!

IB RADIO SPECIAL 5 ImprovBoston staffer Jack McNamara interviews 10 of the casts that made up the 3rd Annual Boston Improv Festival in Part 1 of this epic, two-part miniseries!

WICKED FUNNY - Episode 201 In our inaugural episode of the Wicked Funny podcast, we chat with Boston Improv Festival producer Brendan Mulhern! Tune in!

IB Comedy Podcast: Season Finale with Will Luera For our season-closer of the IB Podcast, Guest host Jeremy Brothers of ImprovAsylum spearheads a fascinating interview with Will Luera, the man who built the Boston improv scene from scratch. We at the podcast team -- hosts, producers, and editors alike -- would like to thank you for listening to the first season of ImprovBoston Radio! We'll be returning in September with a different name: WICKED FUNNY. Fear not! Same hosts. Same theater. Same laughs. Tune back in in a month!

Fireside Improv Episode 7: Pet Peeves Andy, David, and Rachel close out this podcast season by talking about what they love: talking about what they hate. This is a pet peeves show, friends. Each of our hosts expounds on the many many things that may not necessarily be an improv no-no, but that they find cringe worthy.

IB Radio Special 4: Rob Delaney In this special episode our new Managing Director Zach Ward interviews Rob Delaney!

Episode 36: Obsessions Stephen King/Disney expert, Kevin Quigley join us to discuss the objects of his very quirky fascinations!


Episode 35: Just The Two Of Us Jackie Arko (Harold Night, Thursdays at 8pm) joins us this week to talk about sex and IB's new showcase show, 'Just the Two of Us.'


Episode 34: Festivals This week we're joined by resident in-house magician, Dave Sawyer! (Mainstage, Saturdays at 8 and 10pm).


Fireside Improv Episode 6: Environment On this week's episode we dig deep into environment work -the one eyed stepchild of improv inspirations. This chat runs the gamut from very specific exercises you can do to create an environment, the different types of environment work, and the ways it grounds you in a scene.

Episode 33: OutreachIn this court-ordered podcast, Brendan Mulhern (IB Director of Outreach) stops by to take this podcast down a few octaves. ALSO, Will talks about his time in the jet set, Cuddy talks about segways and Harry takes us all on a Pepperidge Farm-fueled detour through the magical land of South Vener.

Episode 32: Musical Improv In this extremely off-off-off-Broadway podcast, we're joined by the great Adam Brooks (IB Musical Director/Mainstage - Saturdays at 8pm and 10pm/Family Show - Saturdays at 6pm). Together, they all sing their new smash hit, 'The Mighty Mountain Beaver,' Will takes a vacation, Cuddy makes for one hell of a Britney Spears impostor and Harry talks escorts.

Fireside Improv Episode 5.1: Warm Ups!  This show is all about warm-ups and all the ways that David Marino is not dissimilar to a turtle. The gang discusses the purpose of warm-ups, how that purpose changes given the given group's situation, and how their understanding of warm-ups has evolved over the years. We cover our most loathed and loved warm-ups, the three things a warm-up should engage, and the sad sad fact that David will outlive us all by several hundred years (just another way he is like a turtle...). Tune in!

Catch up on past episodes!  There's always something new brewing at ImprovBoston -- in episodes past we've gotten the dish on the blood and gore of GoreFest, met with comedieans from NYC and beyond, and generally kept each other laughing.  Give a listen!   Download from iTunes, or to listen in your browser click "play" on an episode above -> click on the "menu" button in the bottom left corner of the player -> click on "episodes" and you'll see a list of all our episodes from all of The ImprovBoston Podcast's history. Ever. Oh, the magic of the internet.

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