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Matt Laidlaw
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ImprovBoston is always printed without a space and with a capital I and a capital B  (ImprovBoston)
We are a comedy theater (or just “theater”), never a comedy club
It’s not a “troupe,” it’s a “cast”
It’s not a “skit,” it’s either a “scene” (improv) or a “sketch” (sketch comedy)

Press Release Archive

August 2016: Top 10 Colleges for Aspiring Comedians

June 2015: ImprovBoston Sponsors New Scholarship For Senior Citizens

May 2015: ImprovBoston Crowns Boston's Top StandUp Comic

April 2015: New All Ages Shows Debut

March 2015: NYC & Boston Musical Improv Troupes Unite for One Night Only

February 2015: ImprovBoston Presents 10th Annual College Comedy Festival

January 2015: ImprovBoston Presents 3 Romantically-Charged Comedy Shows

November 2014: The ImprovBoston Holiday Spectacular Lights Up a Season of Laughs

September 2014: ImprovBoston Brings Laughs & Gore with Original Halloween Show

September 2014: Movie the Musical: A Real Movie, An Improvised Musical

August 2014: ImprovBoston Hosts 6th Annual Boston Comedy Arts Festival

July 2014: ImprovBoston Announces Two Scholarships to Benefit Diversity in the Arts

June 2014: All July 4th Shows at ImprovBoston are Free

June 2014: ImprovBoston Showcases Top Talent for Premiere "Improv Invitational"

June 2014: Comedian Jonathan Katz Takes Residency at ImprovBoston

May 2014: ImprovBoston Presents Original Summer Sketch Show: Comedy, America!

April 2014: ImprovBoston Shares the Power of Laughter at Comedy For A Cause Event

April 2014: ImprovBoston Offers Free Tickets to Greater Boston First Responders

April 2014: Special Appearance by Jim Belushi and the Chicago Board of Comedy at ImprovBoston

March 2014: ImprovBoston Presents The People's Battle: ImprovBoston Stand Up Tournament

March 2014: ImprovBoston Extends Run of Magic: The Gathering: The (Improv) Show

March 2014: ImprovBoston Presents Stand Up Comedian Hari Kondabolu 

March 2014: ImprovBoston Announces Benefit Show for Cambridge Fire Victims

February 2014: ImprovBoston Hosts 10th Annual College Comedy Festival

February 2014: ImprovBoston Presents Magic: The Gathering: The (Improv) Show

February 2014: ImprovBoston Receives Grant for Anti-Bullying Residency at Umana Academy

January 2014: Renown Improvised Shakespeare Company to Play ImprovBoston

January 2014: Improvisation on the Forefront of Educational Innovation