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100 First Jokes



Only $10 per show for 50 comics!

Eventbrite - Comedy Lab

The people who bring you ImprovBoston Presents, The People's Show and The Comedy Lottery have decided to go for broke after the ball drops, by assembling the Greater Boston Stand Up Community for the 100 first jokes of 2017. Each show will give 50 different comics the mic for 2 minutes or less for their first NEW -- Never told before -- jokes of 2017.

Sunday, January 1 @ 730PM | 50 New England Comics

Adam Abelson
Adrian Morse
AJ Hapenny
Alex Medeiros
Anthony Zonfrelli
Ben Keefe
Brian Eisenstein
Bryce Hanson
Cathy Coleman
Chris Kinback
Chris Post
Christa Weiss
Corey Manning
Dan Crohn
Danielle Andruskiwec
Darcy Palumbo
Deb Pavek
Dennis O'Donovan
Doug Guertin
Gabe Stoddard
George Annas
Isaac Ruben
James Creelman
Jeff Medoff
Jessica Leigh
Jimmy Anicet
Joe Kozlowsky
Joe Medoff
Johnny Burns
Josh Day
Josh Filipowski
Josh Poirier
Justin P Drew
Kate Procyshyn
Kathe Farris
Kathleen Demarle
Kelly MacFarland
Kenice Mobley
Laura Clark
Marc Basch
Mariel Cabral
Matt Miller
Max Kreisky
Maylin Pavletic
Mike Tannian
Nonye Brown-West
R.A. Bartlett
Rohan Padhye
Sam Ike
Sam Monk
Sara Robertson
Sean Clarke
Srilatha Rajamani
Tim McIntire
Todd Clay
Tommy O'Deed
Tony Capobianco
Tooky Kavanagh
Trey Burnham
Zach Armentrout
Zach Russell
Zachary Brazao
Zenobia del Mar

Sunday, January 1 @ 930PM |  50 New England Comics

Aaron Collins
Aimee Rose Ranger
Al Park
Alan Richardson
Awet Teame
Ben Lewis
Bethany Van Delft
Brett Johnson
Caitlin Arcand
Carrie Ross
Chris Player
Corey Saunders
Dan Kerrigan
Dani Sullivan
Danny Balel
Dave Stern
David Thomas
Deadair Dennis Maler
Dylan Krasinski
Elena Jawitz
Elisha Siegel
Eric Scheib
Erik Tynan
Frank Gazerro
Gloria Rose
India Pearl
James Huessy
Janet McNamara
Jay Heller
Jeff Landry
Jere Pilapil
Jimmy Whitman
Joe Buckley
John Sucich
Joshua Do
Katie Que
Kenny Capozzi
Kevin Quigley
Kindra Lansburg
Kirsten Logan
Kwasi Mensah
Kylie Alexander
Laura Merli
Laura Severse
Lauren Kirby
Luke Touma
Matt Kona
Maylin Pavletic
Michael Ostrow
Mike Fahey
Nick Chambers
Niraj Shah
Pamela Ross
Penny Oswin
Randy Williams
Rasheed Townes
Rob Crean
Robert Pooley
Ron Metellus
Ryan Chani
Scott Kremer
Shaun Connolly
Shawn Sarro
Steve Brykman
Stirling smith
Taylor Flood
Wes Hazard

All lineups are subject to change.


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