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Eventbrite - Cagematch [Neon]


The most dangerous comedy arena in the world!

TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID (No ticket fees online)

A new challenger takes on the current champion every week at CageMatch.

Each week, a new independent improv team challenges the current champion in a fight-to-the-comedy-death CageMatch. Our hand-selected indie teams each get 22 minutes performing head-to-head longform improvisation in two blood-pumping rounds. Who wins the title for all the glory? Who goes home to cry rivers of comedy tears? You decide. 

Every CageMatch show produced in loving memory of Mike McDonald.


Friday, May 1: Good God Women vs Tom Cough vs last week's champs
Friday, May 8: Kark vs Old Money vs last week's champs
Friday, May 15: Full Leather Jacket vs Laugh McNamara vs last week's champs
Friday, May 23: Sandy vs David and Goliath vs last week's champs
Friday, May 30: Viceroy vs The Grifters vs last week's champs

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If your improv team wants to compete in CageMatch, contact