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TICKETS: $12, $10 with a Student ID (No Ticket Fees online)

Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the Lab is where some of New England's most successful shows began. If you want a front row seat for up-and-coming comedy, come to the Studio at 8pm every Wednesday. You  never know what's cooking in the Comedy Lab.

Comedy Lab is produced by Meg Sinick, Chloe Zwiacher, Matt Bistany and Ramy Abdelghani




3/1 - 30 in 30: Improv on the Line, Accent-prov, The Lost Island

3/8 - Porcelain Horses, All Organic Bearskin Rug, 30 in 30: Improv on the Line

3/15 - Dibs! Musical Duo, Agent Superball presents: Out of our Headlines, Electric Rock Slide

3/22 - Heart|Beats, The Darlings Talent Show Show, International Cooking Class A Gourmando

3/29 - Random, Character Generator, Put the Coffee Down, Hunk House


4/5 - Dear Improv..., Magenta Strike Squad, Sam Ike: Film Freak

4/12 - Heart|Beats, Hell Train's "The Friendship Show", Don't Read the Comments

4/19 - NO SHOW Women in Comedy Festival

4/26 - Dear Improv..., The Darlings Go On Vacation, Themes and Variations 



30 in 30: Improv on the Line - A team of improvisers have been challenged with the task to complete 30 scenes in 30 minutes. With a clock ticking and 30 different scene styles hanging on a line above them.. the pressure is on. This fast paced show has the audience picking the order by yelling out the number they want to see next when one scene ends. Every second counts.

Accent-prov - We begin the set by asking the audience if there is a certain accent they find amusing or even one that makes them angry, then we perform a whole set as characters from that place. Real. Grounded. Characters. But hopefully with hilarious accents, lots of energy and gets the cast to play out of their comfort zone!

The Lost Island - A potpourri of lost sketches from the writers’ room floor brought to you by established IB Performers, Directors and Producers.

Porcelain Horses - Ben Scurria & Michelle McNulty bring 40 + years of improv goodness to the stage in a wacky yet real two person show.

All Organic Bearskin Rug - Bear Skin Rug presents their signature Organic Armando style, beginning with an organic sound and movement and flowing into scenes every sound and idea created in the opening will be used to create a series of scenes and group games.

Dibs! Musical Duo - Dibs! brings the full dysfunction of your favorite coffee shop/bar duo act to the comedy stage. Two singer-songwriters with long standing issues take requests from the audience and then play their own made up hipster garbage instead in this act that is entirely improvised on piano and guitar!

Electric Rock Slide - The Quarry rocks you with their moves and only stops for comedy

Heart|Beats - Imagine the drama, love, and laughter of your favorite medical shows, remixed and recreated with all new episodes right before your eyes. You pick the problem—our doctors will handle the rest.

International Cooking Class A Gourmando - In our Gourmando, you get a double helping of Improv - comedic and culinary. Come for a laugh, and if you are daring, join us for a sample after the show! You get choose a favorite international cuisine style and our improv-chef will whip something up during an improvised show inspired by the cuisine.

Random Character Generator - Can computers help improve improv? The audience adds to the inputs of a computer program that generates random characters for each improviser, then the improvisers build those characters through an act of the show.

Put the Coffee Down - You're probably familiar with the sales saying "ABC...Always Be Closing." But what if the letters were different? What would the message be? Come see our improvisers figure it out on the fly in this funny take on a motivational speech.

Hunk House - The most warped minds in Boston sketch come together come together to bring its newest sketch group, Hunk House. Hunk House: Like a house, but with hunks.

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