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TICKETS: $12, $10 with a Student ID (No Ticket Fees online)

Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the Lab is where some of New England's most successful shows began. If you want a front row seat for up-and-coming comedy, come to the Studio at 8pm every Wednesday. You  never know what's cooking in the Comedy Lab.


WEDNESDAY 03/04 @ 8PM: The Brothers Patch Present: Dodge City Dilemma, an Improvised Sketch Show, How You Doin' Ken?, The Carpathian Brothers
WEDNESDAY 03/11 @ 8PM: We Should Talk, The Afterschool PSA Specialist, Lit Creatures
WEDNESDAY 03/18 @ 8PM: Bodega, ShortProv, Ch!co Presents: Bar Trivia
WEDNESDAY 03/25 @ 8PM: Underdogs, True Defective, Crowd Work: Improvised StandUp
WEDNESDAY 04/01 @ 8PM: Underdogs, Bad Art, IB Revue Presents: Working Soup Title
WEDNESDAY 04/08 @ 8PM: Spice Girls World Tour, Bad Art, IB Revue Presents: Working Soup Title
WEDNESDAY 04/15 @ 8PM: Big Attitude, Bad Art, IB Revue Presents: Working Soup Title
WEDNESDAY 04/22 @ 8PM: No Comedy Lab
WEDNESDAY 04/29 @ 8PM: Couples Therapy, Fill in the Blanks! The Improvised MadLib Show, Idiot Box
WEDNESDAY 05/06 @ 8PM: Nice Guys Being Dicks, The MASH Show, DISASTER!
WEDNESDAY 05/13 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, The MASH Show
WEDNESDAY 05/20 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, The Mystery Hour, Not Doctors Presents: The Pivitol Moment
WEDNESDAY 05/27 @ 8PM: The Oregon Fail: You Have Died of Comedy, Boston Weekly, Route 1 North: The North Sho' Show
The Brothers Patch Present: Dodge City Dilemma- An Improvised Sketch Show | Writing sketch is hard, but coming up with premises is easy! With that in mind, the Brothers Patch have put together a ridiculously absurd premise and instead of writing it, will improvise it out before your very eyes. Watch as the actors embody a time traveling sheriff and a modern day vice detective from different eras of Dodge City. This classic fish out of water buddy cop story will be written before your eyes as the cast explores and exploits the tropes and themes of genre film.
How You Doin', Ken?| How You Doin’, Ken? is a video game themed sketch and improv show. Have you ever wondered if Luigi ever contemplated taking his talents to Sega? Or what Link and Zelda do on the weeks that she has not been captured by Ganon? Well, then this is the show for you.
The Carpathian Brothers | “Invite brothers Yoska and Pitivo for the entertaining of you all. Previous entertainment experience includes the Carpathian Mountains, the American apartment of them, and the Brasov 500th Anniversary in Romania, Europe (which is much bigger of deal than it sounding like). The education of them is self-educated. Feats of strength, cleverness, boldness, handsomeness, and heart with amazing you all without trickery or badness. Thank you.  Very much appreciated."
We Should Talk | We Should Talk features Boston’s Famous Improv Artist, Zach Bain, and that girl who is in everything, Mary Largenton, as they improvise the end a relationship. Be a witness to person’s most intimate, vulnerable, and heartwrenching experience in their life… and be able to laugh at it.  See for yourself why it’s probably for the best.
The Afterschool PSA Specialist | Remember Public Service Announcements and After School Programs and how over-the-top they were? Well "The After School PSA Specialists" are creating completely improvised PSAs to save the audience from poor-decision making by providing them knowledge!
SmallProv| Tired of being unable to see at concerts or ride the amusement park rides of their choice, Boston’s shortest improvisers have banded together to create an ensemble that is as large on creativity and laughs as it is small in stature. Comprised of an exciting mix of veterans and newcomers from across the Boston comedy scene, Shortprov creates a massive universe of characters, ideas, and games from a single, tiny suggestion.
Ch!co Presents: BAR TRIVIA| You're the quizmaster! So belly up and stump CH!CO as they look to achieve bar trivia immortality. The audience asks the questions and CH!CO tries to supply the answers while exploring an improvised group dynamic.
Underdogs| Watch a team of rag tag misfits join together to dominate in a sport of your choosing! In the spirit of The Mighty Ducks, The Underdogs will bring you all the heart, motivational speeches, and epic training montages of your favorite 90's sports movies!
True Defective| The lives of two detectives become entangled after a heinous crime - suggested by the audience - is committed. Through a series of improvised monologues and scenes, we follow the detectives on an emotional journey as they attempt to reconstruct the past, repair their broken lives and learn a surprising spiritual lesson.
Crowd Work: Improvised Stand-Up| Conversations with the audience will fuel an improvised stand up set that aims to weave multiple conversations together throughout.
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