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ImprovBoston Comedy Lab


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TICKETS: $12, $10 with a Student ID (No Ticket Fees online)

Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the Lab is where some of New England's most successful shows began. If you want a front row seat for up-and-coming comedy, come to the Studio at 8pm every Wednesday. You  never know what's cooking in the Comedy Lab.


WEDNESDAY 05/06 @ 8PM: Nice Guys Being Dicks, Backstabbers and It's Gonna Blow
WEDNESDAY 05/13 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, A Trivial Challenge and Idiot Box
WEDNESDAY 05/20 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, The Mystery Hour, Not Doctors Presents: The Pivitol Moment
WEDNESDAY 05/27 @ 8PM: The Oregon Fail: You Have Died of Comedy, Boston Weekly, Route 1 North: The North Sho' Show
WEDNESDAY 6/3 @ 8PM Most Likely To.../ Dicks Sporting Hoods/ Fix it in Post
WEDNESDAY 6/10 @ 8PM Most Likely To.../ Dire Crisis/  Fix it in Post
WEDNESDAY 6/17 @ 8PM Spice Girls: World Tour/ The Gets / Fix it in Post
WEDNESDAY 6/24 @ 8PM Max and Marc Are Very Popular/ TallProv / Spice Girls: World Tour
Boston Weekly
A satirical look at the news in Boston an around the World.
The Oregon Fail: You Have Died of Comedy
The classic educational computer game is brought to life as the audience holds the fate of our brave wagon crew of improvisers in their hands!
Route 1 North: The North Sho' Show
Route One North is a hilarious and truly elegant variety show starting the classiest ladies that hail from up north: Britt (Saugus) and Emlav (Beverly).
Most Likely To...
Your classmates are our cast of characters! Dig out that high school yearbook like it’s 1999, and let us turn it into a phat improv show
Dicks Sporting Hoods
Two players go head-to-head in a sports video game, two comedians provide the hilarious and crude commentary, the audience feels like they are watching TV.
Fix it in Post
An improvised fractured Fairy Tales meets the Hollywood blockbusters of yesteryear.
Tag Team
Using the suggestion of a location, Tag Team builds a highly-physical world where anything is possible - as long as it can be done in full body spandex suits. Tossing a ball back and forth? The Suits must carry the ball from one improviser to the other. Climbing a ladder? The Suits become the ladder. Riding a donkey? Yeah, you get it.
Nice Guys Being Dicks
David and Paul are nice guys! But sometimes, even the nice guys need a break. Tonight, it's Mystery Science 3000 improv-style while these two jerks give a running commentary during a live improv show. What? They're just saying what everyone else is thinking!
Dire Crisis
The Dark side, and the Light come together in a furious clash; come see the duo that is Dire Crisis!
Spice Girls: World Tour
Spice Girls: World Tour reunites the Spice Girls to give the audience a backstage pass to an improvised tour stop along the Spice Girls' World Tour, complete with improvised songs, choreography, and a few “Wannabe” stars.
The Gets
Steve Delfino, Matt Walczak, and their incredible IB-all-star improv team create a truly interactive improv experience using YOUR suggestions while learning a bit too much about each other along the way.
Max and Marc Are Very Popular
Enter the whimsical world of Max, Marc, and their googly-eyed friends--a world where anything can talk and even the props have plenty of character!
TALL-prov works with six to eight of the worlds tallest people to, through improvisational comedy, attempt to bridge the gap between the height-gifted and the vertically-challenged rest of the world's population.
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