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ImprovBoston Comedy Lab


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TICKETS: $12, $10 with a Student ID (No Ticket Fees online)

Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the Lab is where some of New England's most successful shows began. If you want a front row seat for up-and-coming comedy, come to the Studio at 8pm every Wednesday & Sunday. You never know what's cooking in the Comedy Lab.

#ComedyLab is produced by Shannon Nolan, Joe Szafarowicz, Marissa Farmer, Ramy Abdelghani, and Piyali Mukherjee.



10/3/18 Broken World 2069: Prom Season, Divorce!, Special Guest
10/7/18 Gin and Tonic: Lovely Ladies Singing Songs that Soothe and Groove, Just Two Robots, The Quarry: Stonehenge
10/10/18 Momento, Third Wheel, Could We Be Cousins?
10/14/18 Not Done With Our Food, Franklin Arts Studio, Soundscape
10/21/18 Fluffle, Putting It All Out There, Queen Idiot
10/28/18 A 'Classic' Cruise: Sly on the Sea, Roadtrip, Onlies
11/4/18 Farewell Tour, Mike Cox, The Paper Cuts
11/7/18 The Deerlings, Loose Potatoes & Sorrow, Special Guest
11/11/18 Gin and Tonic: Lovely Ladies Singing Songs that Soothe and Groove, Basically Twin, Campbell
11/14/18 Mamba presents: Sneaky Snake Spokane, The Socially Awkward Crowd Work Comic, Momento
11/18/18 A Strange Case, ClubProv: A Comedy of Murders [40 min]
11/25/18 Ware Street Improv: Where Comedy Comes to Life, Monocle, Soundscape
11/28/18 Singer-Songwriter Harold, Bearskin Rug, Northeastern's No Jokes Presents: Tiny Hands Improv

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