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TICKETS: $12, $10 with a Student ID (No Ticket Fees online)

Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the Lab is where some of New England's most successful shows began. If you want a front row seat for up-and-coming comedy, come to the Studio at 8pm every Wednesday. You  never know what's cooking in the Comedy Lab.


WEDNESDAY 04/01 @ 8PM: Underdogs, Bad Art, The Uno Dos Sketch Show
WEDNESDAY 04/08 @ 8PM: Spice Girls World Tour, Bad Art, IB Revue Presents: Working Soup Title
WEDNESDAY 04/15 @ 8PM: Big Attitude, Bad Art, IB Revue Presents: Working Soup Title
WEDNESDAY 04/22 @ 8PM: No Comedy Lab - Check out the Women in Comedy Festival
WEDNESDAY 04/29 @ 8PM: Couples Therapy, Fill in the Blanks! The Improvised MadLib Show, Idiot Box
WEDNESDAY 05/06 @ 8PM: Nice Guys Being Dicks, The MASH Show, DISASTER!
WEDNESDAY 05/13 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, The MASH Show
WEDNESDAY 05/20 @ 8PM: Boston Weekly, The Mystery Hour, Not Doctors Presents: The Pivitol Moment
WEDNESDAY 05/27 @ 8PM: The Oregon Fail: You Have Died of Comedy, Boston Weekly, Route 1 North: The North Sho' Show
Underdog | This show pays tribute to the style of movie that frequently was in cinemas throughout the 80's and 90's. This is a show that will draw people in with nostalgia, and will keep them there as the story of an underdog is one with which we all relate. We've had excellent turnouts at the Riot Theatre and are sure to attract many more at IB. This is a fun show full of heart that draws people in with the title alone.
Bad Art | This is a three-act monologue show that features fully written touching on the unlikely backgrounds of three commercial artists. Thomas Kinkade is an unrepentant alcoholic who isn't aware he's about to die, Lisa Frank is a quivering recluse who believes her cartoons are real and is terrified of them, and Ed Hardy was a guy who wanted to become a pro skateboarder and ended up becoming a tattoo artist. At the end, they perform a scene together at a pawn show.
The Uno Dos Sketch Show  | ImprovBoston's newest improv/sketch revue featuring some of the best young talent in the city of Boston. Developed over the last 6 months, these performers will bring you new sketches, songs, and improv every single week. Featuring the varied talents of the casts of Family Show, Face Off, Harold Night, and some of the best improvised
musical talent in town. This is the sort of show you'll be bringing friends and family back to every week.
Spice Girls: World Tour | Spice Girls: World Tour combines the best parts of entertainment - choreographed dance routines, musical comedy, and character based improv to put on a show audiences will not forget. The show starts with a Tour City suggested by the audience and an opening musical number that sets the stage for the week’s onstage and offstage drama. Relationships are formed between the Girls, their roadies, the tour manager, and all their fans. Do you love musical comedy? Do you love Baby, Posh, Sporty, Ginger, or Scary? Well this show is for you.
Big Attitude | Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck and many of their ilk starred in countless classic cartoons. No matter the premise or situation, the stars of the old Warner Brothers shorts brought the funny by just "being themselves". This show will hold onto the spirit of those iconic 'toons. Not a parody, but a live-action variety show filled with break-through comedic characters who showcase their wits and talents live on stage every week. The cast will create original characters who are larger than life but playable by actual human beings since this is a live show. They'll perform bits of music, comedy, and special talents only they can deliver.
Couples Therapy | Shane Tully and Kaitlyn McBride are a comedy couple in both real life and on stage. Together they form Couples Therapy, a duo prov
show that is based on audience suggestions. Couples Therapy opens in the middle of a therapy session, and with suggestions from the audience, lead our improvisers and the audience on a journey through the relationships that are being counseled in front of them.
Fill in the Blanks! The Improvised Mad Libs Show | Remember those mad libs you filled out as a kid? The uncontrolled giggle fits that occurred when you used a word like poop or butt? You may have gotten older, but your sense of humor sure didn't. Come see a grown-up twist on a childhood favorite: Fill in the Blanks! The Improvised Mad Lib Show. Relying heavily on audience participation, the content of the show is inspired by Mad Libs the audience helps us fill out live on stage. Once the Mad Lib is filled out, the story is read out loud, and then acted out on the spot. Nouns, adjectives, and verbs have never been funnier.
We Should Talk | We Should Talk features Boston’s Famous Improv Artist, Zach Bain, and that girl who is in everything, Mary Largenton, as they improvise the end a relationship. Be a witness to person’s most intimate, vulnerable, and heartwrenching experience in their life… and be able to laugh at it.  See for yourself why it’s probably for the best.
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