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Harold Night

Harold Night    

Eventbrite - Harold Night: Top Shelf   Eventbrite - Harold Night: Fresh Blend

Top Shelf: $12, $10 with Student ID 

Fresh Blend: $10, $8 with Student ID 



Every Wednesday night our resident ImprovBoston casts perform "The Harold," a classic long form improv format. From a single audience suggestion, each Harold cast creates a 25-minute interconnected comedy show from scratch. Experience an original, completely improvised series of performances exploring worlds of characters you won't soon forget. 

TOP SHELF @ 730PM | Check out a rotating duo of Harold casts representing ImprovBoston's best, most experienced Harold performers. Each week also features a special guest act performing an experimental improv set.
FRESH BLEND @ 930PM | See two of our up-and-coming Harold teams followed by a long form jam. Read more about the long form JAM by scrolling down the page.




All lineups and show orders are subject to change.

March | Top Shelf @ 7:30pm
3/7 - Featuring: Neighbors, Shadow Box, and Babylon
3/14 - Featuring: The Wild, Gann Academy, and Shadow Box
3/21 - Featuring: Babylon, The Wild, and Neighbors
3/28 - Featuring: Shadow Box, Babylon, and The Wild
Stick around for the 9:30pm show... Fresh Blend!
3/7 - Featuring: Dante
3/14 - Featuring: Aww Here It Goes!
3/21 - Featuring: Dante
3/28 - Featuring: Aww Here It Goes!

Neighbors Director Andrew Barlow; Ben Glibb, Caroline McCallum, Dan Burke, Kate Hopkins, Matt McMahan, Matt Pina,
Mina Bond, Pat Kearnan, Sara Teague
Shadow Box | Director Danny Balel; Ben Scurria, Brendon Bates, Brittany Bates, Brittany Perro, Erin Mabee, MaryBeth DeKara, Sam Dillavou, Sam Hoar, Sara Burns
The Wild | Director John Serpico; Amanda Sousa, Chris Kaufman, Gregory Scott, Lauren Powers, Michelle McNulty, Ryan Kiessling, Sumeet Sarin, Whitney Hawkins
Babylon | Director Sara Teague; Andrew Barlow, Devin Quinlan, Kaitlin Buckley, Kristina Staplefeld, Moira Notarstefano, Priya Shanmugam, Sarah Melendez, Tim Hannafin, Will Gianetta
Dante | Director Stacey Smith; Anthony Zonfrelli, Chloe Ainley, Jessica Pfohl, Maya Brod, Rhett Sosebee, Stacey Snyder, Timothy Booker, Wayne Mastin
Aww, Here It Goes! | Director Kristina Stapelfeld; Chloe Zwiacher, Evan Hutton, Jess Schmidt, Matt Hacker, Michelle Boncek, Mike Lovett, Nathaniel Davis, Sagar Naik, Samantha Merriwether

The LongForm JAM
Every Wednesday Night at 9:30PM as part of Harold Night: Fresh Blend
Open to Improvisers who have completed IBCS Improv 301
The Longform Jam is Boston’s premiere entertaining and supportive play space for passionate improvisers. The Longform Jam encourages improvisers to contribute to an already thriving community by fostering positive relationships between comedy students, cast members, comedy fans and ImprovBoston alumni.
The Jam is a safe space for intermediate and experienced improvisers to push themselves creatively by practicing high-quality longform improv. Each set is thoughtfully structured and sets performers up to play to the best of their abilities, while providing an engaging, accessible and entertaining experience for audience members. 


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