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Kerfuffle Time!

3rd Wednesdays at 930PM: The KERFUFFLE!

kerfuffle: — n 1. informal chiefly ( Brit ) commotion; disorder — vb 2. ( Scot ) ( tr ) to put into disorder or disarray; ruffle or disarrange

Lady-hosts Jackie Arko and Hannah Foell cordially invite you to The Kerfuffle on the third Wednesday of each month! This energetic and slightly deranged variety show has surprise improv, sketch, and standup acts from Boston’s best comedians. With a different theme every month, anything goes at the Kerfuffle – not even the hosts know what’s going to happen. Be warned that you probably won’t be able to discuss your Wednesday night at the water cooler the next day. In fact, you might not make it to work. You might wake up Thursday passed out in the alley, exhausted and craving a cigarette. That’s a typical Kerfuffle night for Jackie and Hannah – won’t you join them?

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The Kerfuffle turns two years old in April!
We can't believe how much this show has blown up since 2012. This month, we want to celebrate our incredibly creative performers who never shy away from risk and our amazingly supportive and fun audiences who are game for anything that's thrown at them (emotionally and physically).
Let's celebrate ourselves in April. Let's high five each other into oblivion. Let's swim in the very Kerfuffle energy that we create. Let's absorb our own searing cackles, kiss total strangers, make paper airplanes that actually fly.
Happy birthday indeed.
Conor Allen and Molly Cahen in "Waiting For the Bus"
Ryan Coil and a special guest in "Happy Birthday, Dr. Frasier Krane"
Ryan Dalley and Ashley Voltz in "Tongue-Punching Dirt Stars: An OKCupid Love Story"
Paul Dome, David Marino, and others in "Directors Being Dicks"
James Lindsay and Ben Walsh in "James, Your Birthday Still Sucks"
Mickey McCauley in "Boo"
David Mogolov in "It Was Great, Except for the Incident With the Testicles"
Bobby Smithney in "One Year Later"
...and Ari Stern, special guests, and VERY special guests in "Ari Stern: Humor for Any Caucasian"
Join the magic on the third Wednesday of every month at 930PM.