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Kerfuffle Time!

3rd Thursdays at 930PM: The KERFUFFLE!

kerfuffle: — n 1. informal chiefly ( Brit ) commotion; disorder — vb 2. ( Scot ) ( tr ) to put into disorder or disarray; ruffle or disarrange

Lady-hosts Jackie Arko and Hannah Foell cordially invite you to The Kerfuffle on the third Thursday of each month! This energetic and slightly deranged variety show has surprise improv, sketch, and standup acts from Boston’s best comedians. With a different theme every month, anything goes at the Kerfuffle – not even the hosts know what’s going to happen. Be warned that you probably won’t be able to discuss your Thursday night at the water cooler the next day. In fact, you might not make it to work. You might wake up Friday passed out in the alley, exhausted and craving a cigarette. That’s a typical Kerfuffle night for Jackie and Hannah – won’t you join them?

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Join the magic on the third Thursday of every month at 930PM.