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ImprovBoston Mainstage

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Eventbrite - ImprovBoston Mainstage



TICKETS: $18, $14 with Student ID (No ticket fees online)

The ImprovBoston Mainstage is the cornerstone of professional comedic talent at ImprovBoston. Showcasing our signature style of improvisation, Mainstage blends fast-paced games, hilarious scenes, skillful storytelling, memorable music and 100% voluntary audience participation into a never-before-seen show. No rules. No boundaries. Just spectacular comedy delivered by an elite cast of the best improvisers in New England.
Given the ridiculously fun and unpredictable nature of improv, we can't guarantee age appropriateness (every audience gives different suggestions); we recommend Mainstage for those who enjoy PG-13 comedy.

Click here for more details on the Mainstage Spotlight Series - Every Thursday Night!

Featuring: Conor Allen, Conor Garison, Corey O'Rourke, Danny Balel, Deana Criess, Emily DiPietro, Jenna O'Brien, Johnny Lopez, Liz Roderick, Matt McLaughlin, Molly Bourque, Nate Lopez, Rachel von Ahn, and Sara BurnsDirected by Mike Descoteaux


DECEMBER - Mainstage with a Holiday Twist
THURSDAY 12/1 @ 7:30PM: Liz, Johnny, Rachel, Nate, Deana, Matt
FRIDAY 12/2 @ 8PM: Deana, Sara, Conor, Emily, Danny, Corey 
SATURDAY 12/3 @ 8PM: Rachel, Matt, Corey, Nate, Jenna, Deana 
THURSDAY 12/8 @ 7:30PM: Matt, Deana, Liz, Conor, Emily, Nate 
FRIDAY 12/9 @ 8PM: Nate, Molly, Conor, Rachel, Johnny, Emily
SATURDAY 12/10 @ 8PM: Jenna, Danny, Corey, Sara, Rachel. Molly 
THURSDAY 12/15 @ 7:30PM: Matt, Liz, Molly, Rachel, Johnny, Nate
FRIDAY 12/16 @ 8PM: Danny, Rachel, Johnny, Molly, Conor, Matt 
SATURDAY 12/17 @ 8PM: Emily, Sara, Jenna, Corey, Conor, Nate 
THURSDAY 12/22 @ 7:30PM: Johnny, Matt, Liz, Danny, Molly, Emily
FRIDAY 12/23 @ 8PM: Danny, Molly, Nate, Emily, Jenna, Corey
THURSDAY 12/29 @ 7:30PM: Sara, Nate, Emily, Conor, Deana, Johnny, 
FRIDAY 12/30 @ 8PM: Deana, Emily, Sara, Nate, Corey, Danny 

Mainstage Spotlight Series 

The Spotlight Series features New England’s top comedic improvisers highlighting the impactful work of a diverse array of Greater Boston industry leaders. From artists to news anchors, authors to tech innovators, professors to high profile personalities, audiences can look forward to experiencing their favorite local VIPs in a whole new light. Through intimate interviews, off-the-cuff storytelling, impromptu scenes, songs, witty banter, and inspired re-imaginings, ImprovBoston’s most experienced cast shines the comedy spotlight on some of the most compelling movers and shakers in Boston.