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ImprovBoston Mainstage


Eventbrite - ImprovBoston Mainstage [Neon]


TICKETS: $18, $14 with Student ID (No ticket fees online)

The ImprovBoston Mainstage is the cornerstone of professional comedic talent at ImprovBoston. Showcasing our signature style of improvisation, Mainstage blends fast-paced games, hilarious scenes, skillful storytelling, memorable music and 100% voluntary audience participation into a never-before-seen show. No rules. No boundaries. Just spectacular comedy delivered by an elite cast of the best improvisers in New England.
Given the ridiculously fun and unpredictable nature of improv, we can't guarantee age appropriateness (every audience gives different suggestions); we recommend Mainstage for those who enjoy PG-13 comedy.

Featuring: Amy Click, Ari Stern, Ben Scurria, Bradley Taylor, Brian Agosta, Conor Allen, Holly Tarnower, Jenna O'Brien, John (Mickey) McCauley, Kate McGroarty-King, Kristina Smarz, Matt McLaughlin, Mike Morrell, Natalie Cunha, Nate lopez and Samuel IkeDirected by Bobby Smithney


THURSDAY 3/5 @ 7:30PM: Brian, Kristina, Holly, Matt and Mike
FRIDAY 3/6 @ 8PM: Jenna, Brian, Nate, Sam and Ben
SATURDAY 3/7 @ 8PM: Brad, Mickey, Kate, Mike and Nate
THURSDAY 3/12 @ 7:30PM: Conor, Mike, Mickey, Ben and Kristina
FRIDAY 3/13 @ 8PM: Mike, Kristina, Sam, Brian and Jenna
SATURDAY 3/14  @ 8PM: Nate, Ari, Brad, Jenna and Ben
THURSDAY 3/19 @ 7:30PM: Matt, Kristina, Kate, Holly and Brian
FRIDAY 3/20 @ 8PM: Mike, Sam, Jenna, Natalie and Ben
SATURDAY 3/21  @ 8PM: Natalie, Ari, Brian, Brad and Kristina
THURSDAY 3/26 @ 7:30PM: Mickey, Matt, Amy, Conor and Holly
FRIDAY 3/27 @ 8PM: Nate, Brian, Ben, Matt and Deana
SATURDAY 3/28  @ 8PM: Kristina, Ben, Conor, Brad and Mike
THURSDAY 4/2 @ 7:30PM: Holly, Amy, Mickey, Nate and Conor
FRIDAY 4/3 @ 8PM: Mike, Natalie, Kate, Matt and Nate
SATURDAY 4/4  @ 8PM: Ben, Ari, Holly, Jenna and Mickey
THURSDAY 4/9 @ 7:30PM: Brian, Ben, Kate, Matt and Kristina
FRIDAY 4/10 @ 8PM: Jenna, Conor, Nate, Mike and Amy
SATURDAY 4/11  @ 8PM: Kate, Mickey, Jenna, Ari and Ben
THURSDAY 4/16 @ 7:30PM: Kristina, Matt, Mickey, Kate and Holly
FRIDAY 4/17 @ 8PM: Matt, Ari, Natalie, Conor and Holly
SATURDAY 4/18  @ 8PM: Holly, Amy, Nate, Natalie and Brad
THURSDAY 4/23 @ 7:30PM: NO SHOW - Check out the Women In Comedy Festival
FRIDAY 4/24 @ 8PM: NO SHOW - Check out the Women In Comedy Festival
SATURDAY 4/25  @ 8PM: NO SHOW - Check out the Women In Comedy Festival