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The More You Know - A Public Service Improv Show with Don't Tell Mimi

Saturdays at 7pm

Don't Tell Mimi is back at ImprovBoston for another run! This time, running on inspiration from Public Service Announcements from the past whatever amount of years they've been making public service announcements!

Join us in viewing life's great lessons from the private and public sectors on such important issues as cigarette smoking, investing in savings bonds, and brushing your teeth properly to remove the damage from cigarette smoking so you don't have to spend all of your savings on dental reconstruction! Then watch DTM do what we do - use suggestions and vague references from the aforementioned life lessons to create completely arbitrary and insane miniworlds that somehow crash together into a semi-coherent story by the end of the show - an effect we refer to as "the magic."

Opening night for this bizarro-world after school specialesque masterpiece will be this Saturday, September 4, at 7pm. $5. Over by 8pm! That gets you out in time to wash your hair and change your shoes and still make it for party o'clock in Allston, or whatever the kids do.

All Ages Welcome. Rated PG-13. Probably sort of offensive. But like network television offensive. Not YouTube offensive. That's gross.

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