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Eventbrite - SketchHaus [Neon]


TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID 

SketchHaus is home to an array of experimental, cutting-edge sketch comedy, showcasing innovative formats, original writing and unconventional performances. Carefully curated indie teams from the greater Boston area deliver in-development material, reflecting the raw talents of the New England comedy scene. Be part of Boston's hippest sketch comedy incubator; you never know what you're gonna get!

Please email if you are interested in submitting your sketch team to Sketchhaus.


NOTE: The first show listed is the headliner, the second show is the opening act.  Openhaus happens on every second Thursday and is the free open sketch night show after Sketchhaus.

8/4 - Vitamin Snake | Wild Memory Nation | Host: Elisha Seigal

8/11 - Good Loser | Vitamin Snake | Host: John Knight

8/18 - The Allen McRae Show | Accidental Awkwardness | Host: Matt Wiffin

8/25 - Accidental Awkwardness | Voices In Our Head | Host: Emily Ruskowski

SketchHaus Act Descriptions


Vitamin Snake - Vitamin Snake consists entirely of common street trash and sex workers. Our mission is to be lobotomized and buried in unmarked graves after living out tortured unfulfilled lives. Come see our public humiliation and stay for our private flagellation.

Wild Memory Nation – Boston’s best roving storytelling show, featuring scripted comedy monologues by some of the city’s funniest people.  Storytellers are given a single topic – this month, it’s “Hurts So Good” – and then spin their hilarious tales out.  Featured everywhere from the Women In Comedy Festival, Johnny D's Comedy Presents, and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Wild Memory Nation promises true stories, real funny. This month featuring comedians Megan Ward, Johnny Burns, Brandon Vallee, and Diana Valentine.

Good Loser - Good Loser is a sketch team made up of Laura Clark and that's it. Hop aboard the train to Gigglesburg as the team presents a series of character-based sketches that have been called “good,” “funny,” “worth it,” and “good intro music, sry had 2 peace early.”

Voices in Our Heads - Life sucks the innocence out of us from day one, and we all go slowly crazy until until we die. Why not laugh along the way? Join us as we parody this trippy journey called life. Childhood classics are destroyed, Santa Claus struggles with existentialism, your pets judge you, and More! Welcome to the Voices in our Heads!

The Allen McRae Show - Once again, brothers and sisters, we gather here today to celebrate a man who has given so much joy to us all, The Allen McRae.  A man who Neil Degrasse Tyson once called “pleasingly flaccid,” The Allen McRae once again blesses us with his signature sketch showcase The Allen McRae Show.  So come out a pay homage to the only man Allen McRae enough to be The Allen McRae, with The Allen McRae Show. Featuring: Nate Lopez, Francesca Villa, Kevin Quigley, Ciaran Grumley, Danny Balel, Corey O’Rourke, Taylor Flood and The Allen McRae.




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