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TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID 
SketchHaus is home to an array of experimental, cutting-edge sketch comedy, showcasing innovative formats, original writing and unconventional performances. Carefully curated indie teams from the greater Boston area deliver in-development material, reflecting the raw talents of the New England comedy scene. Be part of Boston's hippest sketch comedy incubator; you never know what you're gonna get!
Please email if you are interested in submitting your sketch team to Sketchhaus.
NOTE: The first show listed is the headliner, the second show is the opening act.  Openhaus happens on every second Thursday and is the free open sketch night show after Sketchhaus.
6/1 -  Wes Hazard Presents / Wild Memory Nation
6/8 - ComedyKazi / Tokyo, Riffed
6/15 - Friend Club / Voices in Our Heads
6/22 - Voices in Our Heads / Mosh Pit Memories
6/29 - Klondike 237 / Gift Horse
SketchHaus Act Descriptions
Wes Hazard Presents - Imagine a TED Talk but instead of an idea that will make the world a better place it's about 1970s magazine ads, the OJ Simpson trial, and the March 1968 issue of Playboy magazine (or something), and it's delivered by a hybrid of Steve Urkel & Stefan Urquelle. That's pretty much this.
Wild Memory Nation -  Boston’s best roving storytelling show, featuring scripted comedy monologues by some of the city’s funniest people. Storytellers are given a single topic – this month, it’s “Hazards” – and then spin their hilarious tales out.  Featured everywhere from the Women In Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and The Mosesian Center, Wild Memory Nation promises true stories, real funny. This month featuring comedians Katie Qué, Rasheed Townes, and Adam Abelson.
ComedyCazi - ComedyCazi has been performing out of Davis Square's premier comic shop, Comicazi, for over four years. Borne of a love for comic books, Saturday-morning cartoons and live theatre, ComedyCazi features original comedies, recurring characters, and action-packed improv that all pay tribute to that unforgettable, violent children's programming that totally had no lasting effects!
Tokyo, Riffed - This group of friends spent 24 hours watching every single Fast and Furious movie. They each have their favorite film and none of them would choose the third installment in the series: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. And yet- they would love to take you on the hero's journey of a 47 year old high school student who goes to Tokyo to avoid juvie and is actually a really terrible driver. Come watch them analyze a masterpiece filmed in 2003 that inexplicably takes places in 2013 for...reasons. 
Gift Horse - Gift Horse is a sketch comedy group that is trying really hard to be funny but not that hard because it's not cool to try hard. Our first show was mostly considered "dirty" and so we're try really hard to change that perception but will probably fail. Come to the show to find out if we fail!
Voices in Our Heads - Be able to tell your kids you were in the audience when The Voices In Our Heads did their first headlining spot, so you’ll have an answer to where do babies come from. The talented writer performers have been in Gorefest, The Kerfuffle, Jelly, many previous SketcHaüses, the Riot Theatre, Comicazi, and much much more. They’ve also been known to cure consumption and both cure and cause sexual dysfunction. Featuring the final performance of the infamous Harambe the Gorilla sketch.   
Friend Club - Welcome to Friend Club! Where joy is mandatory and feeling left out strictly forbidden. These sad weirdos just won a whole mess of Battle Royals and debuted two months ago at SketchHaüs. They were funny and were forced to come back and be even funnier. Donuts were promised.
Mosh Pit Memories - From Josh Poirier, the producer of Interesting Points and Hatebreed or Hate Myself, comes the first heavy metal debate show to grace the Improvboston stage. Heavy Metal fans and comedians riff on their favorite bands and debate important topics in this interactive show. Will one person's opinion get them tossed in the pit? You decide. Mosh Pit Memories.
Klondike 237 - From the twisted mind of Scott Kremer (Fool Descending a Staircase and Love, Lust, & Romance) comes a brilliant new headlining act that will thrill and amaze you!

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