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TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID 
SketchHaus is home to an array of experimental, cutting-edge sketch comedy, showcasing innovative formats, original writing and unconventional performances. Carefully curated indie teams from the greater Boston area deliver in-development material, reflecting the raw talents of the New England comedy scene. Be part of Boston's hippest sketch comedy incubator; you never know what you're gonna get!
Please email if you are interested in submitting your sketch team to Sketchhaus.
NOTE: The first show listed is the headliner, the second show is the opening act.  Openhaus happens on every second Thursday and is the free open sketch night show after Sketchhaus.
1/5 Table Read Legends / Rule 62: A Sober Storytelling Show 
1/12 UnBecoming / Magically Delicious
1/19 Alternate Lifetime / Voices In Our Heads
1/26 Sketch Genesis
SketchHaus Act Descriptions
Sketch Genesis - Welcome to the sketch comedy event of the millennium. That's probably not an exaggeration. Much.
Boston's premiere sketch teams return to share the Sketchhaus stage, presenting sides of themselves you have never seen before. Each group starts off with a brand-new sketch for 2017, polished and hilarious and ready for you.

Then they're going to dig into their backlog of rejected sketches - stuff that never made it to the stage for reasons of sheer terribleness - and they're going to do a staged reading of that sketch for your dark amusement. 

Each group is going to cap it off with a story about the genesis of their group: behind the scenes tales of madness and mayhem you'll have to hear to believe

Featuring the sketch groups you know and love: World of Hurt, Vitamin Snake, Baby Cut, Mister Bismuth, The Rekcus, Voices In Our Heads, Klondike 237, Floodward, and of course Terrible People.

Table Read Legends: It's Only Funny If You Laugh - When a group of unpaid interns became best friends they had no idea destiny would make them legends. But don't tell the Dean or they're going to summer school.

Rule 62: A Sober Storytelling Show - Presented by Kevin Quigley's Wild Memory Nation storytelling show, Rule 62 presents the funny side of sobriety, just in time to keep all those resolutions. With Jeff Perry, Alan Richardson, Nick Lavallee, and Jake McDowell, Rule 62 kicks off 2017 with a teetotally terrific time!

Magically Delicious -  The ladies of Magically Delicious create multi-form art to hit people below the belt while touching their hearts. Real life friends and first generation women Shiyan and Rosena hit the stage with a comedic and contagious force that will draw you into their world! Magically Delicious will get you thinking, laughing and possibly singing along with their energy and grace.

UnBecoming - "Unbecoming" explores the concept of the parts that build our whole, how we become who we are and unbecome the pieces we choose to shed or get lost.

However,  to the untrained eye it may appear to be a Woman taking a 40 minute dump.

Sample some of the best programming Alternate Lifetime: Twisted Televisionfor Women has to offer! Sex and the City gets an interesting reboot! Prom Queens will fight...and it can get ugly! Meet some women who make the Golden Girls blush! And so much more! The show features sketches written by women, and will have you begging for the next episode!

Voices In Our Heads: Life sucks the innocence out of us from day one, and we all go slowly crazy until until we die. Why not laugh along the way? Join us as we parody this trippy journey called life. Childhood classics are destroyed, your pets judge you, and more! Welcome to the Voices in our Heads!


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