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Eventbrite - SketchHaus [Neon]


TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID 

SketchHaus is home to an array of experimental, cutting-edge sketch comedy, showcasing innovative formats, original writing and unconventional performances. Carefully curated indie teams from the greater Boston area deliver in-development material, reflecting the raw talents of the New England comedy scene. Be part of Boston's hippest sketch comedy incubator; you never know what you're gonna get!

Please email if you are interested in submitting your sketch team to Sketchhaus.


NOTE: The first show listed is the headliner, the second show is the opening act.  Openhaus happens on every second Thursday and is the free open sketch night show after Sketchhaus.
4/7 World of Hurt with Terence and the Ghost | Host: Lauren Walleser | Special Guest Star: Gary Petersen  
4/14 Interesting Points with And Now You Know | Host: Andrew George | Special Guest Stars: Kathe Farris & Jesse Farris  
4/21 Two Joke Pony with Wild Memory Nation | Host: Kyle Daley | Special Guest Star: Kenya Claytor 
4/28 Off Ramp with Klondike 237 | Host: Ben Quick | Special Guest Star: Stine An
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SketchHaus Act Descriptions
World of Hurt - Rideshare to Hell - WORLD OF HURT's "Rideshare to Hell" drags you to hell and back, and has you howling with laughter the whole time! Enter a weird, werewolfy world filled with funnymen and murdermen, turtle girls and superheroes. The bane of boredom, World of Hurt's dick-punchingly hilarious hoboes will make you learn to love again.
Wild Memory Nation - Boston's best roving storytelling show, featuring scripted comedy monologues by some of the city's - and country's! - funniest people.  Storytellers are given a single topic and then spin their hilarious tales out.  Featured everywhere from The Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Johnny D's Comedy Presents, and the Women In Comedy Festival, Wild Memory Nation promises true stories, real funny. This month's theme is "Breathing Out," and features comedians Brett Johnson, Robert Pooley, & Kenice Mobley. 
Terence & the Ghost - Terrence & The Ghost is a live sitcom starring Terrence (a man) and The Ghost (a ghost) who share an apartment in the big city. But man and ghost living together isn't always easy, and the two often find themselves in situations that neither are quite prepared for...
Off Ramp - Off Ramp is a gritty hometown band with a mid-aughts sound speaking emotional truths about real people. Come check out their hits "My Tummy Hurts," "Substitute," and "Super Guy". 
Interesting Points - What is it about funny people that makes them interesting? Is it the things they know or the things they do? Is it the memories they share or the lies they make up? Whatever it is, it's hilarious. See what happens when your panel of comedians answers those questions, and find out what makes them interesting. 
Klondike 237 - “I'm trying to entertain the people. To reorganize the real into a pallet of straying dreams, and to reflect into their despair, radiant hope of abstract notions of beingness and self. . . With jokes.” Scott Kremer’s expanded cast Klondike 237. You’ve got to come see this. It’s nuts.
And Now You Know - Did you know that cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs? Come watch as Diane's friends stage a cheddar-vention. Did you know that chlamydia's fastest growing population is the elderly? Learn how to have this challenging conversation with your grandparents. Inspired by viral social media threads like IFLScience and Buzzfeed, this sketch show will present fascinating (if not slightly disturbing) facts in the form of wacky public service announcements and scenes. Featuring an all-star cast from some of Boston's leading sketch teams (One Joke Pony, Accidental Awkwardness, Part of Your World) you'll laugh and learn at the same time!
Two Joke Pony - One Joke Pony returns from their sold-out 3-night run for an all-new "Two Joke Pony" show! Gavin Berkowitz, Micha Goolsby, John Knight, Kwasi Mensah and Lauren Turner star in this jam-packed cavalcade of never-before-seen sketches! Meet the nefarious Dr. Strangehand. Go on a date with a deadly assassin. Find out what happened to all those people you cybered with in the '90s. And so much more! ONE NIGHT ONLY!!
Hosts & Special Guests:
Lauren Walleser is the co-producer of this year's Super Gay Comedy Fun Time, a writer of 2016's Comedy, America!, has appeared on Wild Memory Nation, and features in sketch group Mister Bismuth. She's also super queer and a super nerd of the highest regard. Her dad will be in the audience, making the amount of lesbian sex jokes I have super awkward. She also recently learned that she does in fact have ancestors from New England, so anyone who says she's not from here can go fuck themselves.
Gary Petersen just recorded his first album,which debuts in June. His Podcast, "we're getting the band back together," is free on iTunes. He's been on the Great American comedy festival because he is a great American. God's nephew, Gary Petersen. Whether its performing stand-up comedy, or screaming at children in malls, Gary Petersen draws in crowds of all types. Grounded in punk rock morals mixed with jazz dance rhythms, the vicious ridiculousness of his own life is highlighted. Gary delights in bringing humor out of the light, the dark and everything in between, even stuff that's slightly in the shade, or both in the shade and kind of peeking out of it in some parts. Also, he will wear a cap to conceal his baldness if that makes you feel more comfortable.
Kathe & Jessie Farris are the most famous mother-daughter comedy duo since Judy Garland and Liza Minelli, and probably at least 5% less dysfunctional.  Both have appeared at Boston Comedy Chicks, and Kathe participated in the Boston Comedy Festival 2014 & 2015, Women in Comedy Festival 2015 and the Chicago Funny Festival 2015. In August 2016 she will be Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio. She is one of the coproducers of ImprovBoston's LaughterRisk,  performs frequently at Laugh Boston, ImprovBoston, and The Comedy Studio, and a host of local and private shows including, but not limited to, a hair salon in Malden.
Kēnya Claytor is the comedic love child of George Jefferson, Claire Huxtable, and Peg Bundy smoked pot together and had a threesome. She's appeared on Frank Santos Sr.’s X-Rated Hypnotist Comedy Show and performs regularly at Comedy Open Mic Night – Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA. Framingham: the cultural center of Massachusetts. Whether it’s hosting half-time shows for the Harlem Globetrotters and various club nights in the Boston area, working concerts, managing Front of the House duties at ImprovBoston, running Parent Teacher Organization boards, or volunteering at the local youth center, Kēnya Claytor always loves being in front of a crowd. 
Kyle Daly is a comic who has performed in every New England state. I started doing comedy in Burlington, VT and was part of the 2012 Green Mountain Comedy Festival in my first year of doing standup. He has since gone on to perform at clubs such the Comedy Connection in East Providence, RI; Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, and Comix at Foxwoods. He was also part of the first annual Salem Spirits and Comedy Festival in Salem, MA this year. One of his proudest moments was being part of the Green Mountain Comedy Festival after only having done stand up for a very brief few months.
Stine An is an antifolk hero with a ukelele and a dream. When not performing with her band Fat Robin, she has appeared all over the Boston comedy scene, including a stint as Comic-In-Residence at the Comedy Studio, featuring in ImprovBoston's Let There Be Rock showcase, and appearing on Wild Memory Nation.
Andrew George has appeared on every iteration of Kevin Quigley's Super Gay Comedy Fun Time, as well as such places as Johnny D's Comedy Presents, Phoenix Landing Comedy Presents, and Wild Memory Nation. He has also visited Africa, where his accent baffled and delighted a continent.
Ben Quick has a guitar and isn't afraid to use it. This delightfully acerbic comedian has hosted The Sunday Funnies, appeared at The Comedy Studio, Johnny D's Comedy Presents, and featured at ImprovBoston's Let There Be Rock. He's generally harmless except around babies. He was also a former comic-in-residence at the Comedy Studio. 
Check out OpenHaus: Boston's only Sketch Open Mic.
Are you a new sketch group that's aching to get some stage time? Are you a veteran sketch group with some brand new material that needs tweaking? Are you just some random dude with a sketch and nobody to perform it with? Welcome to the SketchHaus OpenHaus, Boston's only Sketch Open Mic.

Come test out your material on the last Thursday of every month after SketchHaus. No need to sign up ahead of time, just show up and put your name down! Don't have a group? You can still submit a sketch to be read by sketch performers! Don't have a sketch? Sign up to perform other people's sketches! The best part? Signing up for OpenHaus gets you into SketchHaus, ImprovBoston's home for experimental sketch comedy, 100% free! Make sure you sign up early, the show WILL sell out!

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