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Eventbrite - SketchHaus [Neon]

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TICKETS: $12, $10 with Student ID 

SketchHaus is home to an array of experimental, cutting-edge sketch comedy, showcasing innovative formats, original writing and unconventional performances. Carefully curated indie teams from the greater Boston area deliver in-development material, reflecting the raw talents of the New England comedy scene. Be part of Boston's hippest sketch comedy incubator; you never know what you're gonna get!

Please email if you are interested in submitting your sketch team to Sketchhaus.


NOTE: The first show listed is the headliner, the second show is the opening act.  Openhaus happens on every second Thursday and is the free open sketch night show after Sketchhaus.

6/2 - Terrible People with Klondike 237 Radio Theatre | Host Deadair Dennis Maler | Special Guest: Andrew Durso

6/9 - Baby Cut with The Rekcus | Host Alex Gettlin | Special Guest: Joe Medoff
6/16 - Baby Cut with Men Wearing Hats | Host: Kwasi Mensah | Special Guest: Dan Crohn
6/23 & 6/30 - Murder Night: Don't Fear the Re-Purge

SketchHaus Act Descriptions
TERRIBLE PEOPLE comes off its headlining SEX show to bring you a greatest hits presentation of their best sketches about DRUGS & VIOLENCE. From a bunch of idiots that laugh at their own jokes, comes the best sketch comedy in Boston! Come join Terrible People as they explore that thin line between "funny" and "regrettable" as only they can. So get some drinks in and be one of the Terrible People. "GREATEST HITS: VIOLENCE & DRUGS!"

Klondike 237 - Live Radio Theatre brings you back to the days of sitting around the radio glaring at your family members and listening to the compelling stories of our time. . .except its funny and your family isn't invited. . .well, actually everyone's invited but they've all agreed to behave for the evening. 
BABY CUT, also sometimes shortened to "The Baby Cut" or abbreviated as "RHCP", are an American sketch group formed in Cambridge in 1912. The group's comedy style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on fun(k), as well as elements from other genres such as pun(k) rock and college open mic. When performing, their "comedy" incorporates elements of jam band due to the improvised nature of much of their performances (because some members refuse or are intellectually unable to learn lines).

The Rekcus - the only sketch group that nearly got Sketchhaus shut down once in 1994 for indecent behavior and "lewd insinuations." Once there was pudding. 
Men Wearing Hats - because sometimes clothes DO make the man, and in this case they make the man weird. 
Murder Night: Don't Fear the Re-Purge: A satirical acoustic rock opera inspired by the "The Purge" movie franchise. Follow the adventures of two suburban couples as they participate in the annual 'Murder Night' holiday, during which all crime is legal, especially murder. What drives them to purge? Will they #survivethenight? And is indiscriminately murdering strangers really THAT much fun? MN:DFtRP will answer these questions through songs such as "Bloodlust," "Do it, you won't" and "Release the Beast." Written and Directed by Bryan Smith. Produced by Francesca Villa. Starring Dan Chapman, Brett Johnson, Brittany Perro, and Lauren Robinson.

Please note - this show is NOT family-friendly.

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