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Advanced Harold

Advanced Harold

For improvisers who have completed 401 or have significant Harold experience, the Advanced Harold Elective is part Harold intensive, part coaching and part masterclass. With one of New England's top Harold directors at the helm, Advanced Harold introduces new openings and group game possibilities. Through ample individual attention alongside ensemble coaching, students deepen connections between scenes, build trust to organically discover 3rd beats, and more fully explore Harold-centric points of inspiration such as theme. Each instructor brings his/her unique approach to directing Harold, allowing students to experience a taste of the ImprovBoston Harold Night creative process. This elective is perfect for both students/graduates seeking to further internalize the Harold as well as experienced improvisers looking for focused growth and feedback.

Pre-req: completion of 401 or at least 1 year of formal improv training including a full session of Harold elsewhere.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase

Prerequisite: IMPROV 501

Maximum Number of Students: 12