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Advanced ShortForm

Advanced ShortForm

Every decent improviser knows shortform, right? Not so fast. If you think shortform is easy, hack, or gimmicky, you're not doing it right. Discover the art of shortform with Deana Criess, the director of ImprovBoston's National Touring Company.  Learn how to connect with an audience, attack the stage, and find the game within the game.  Over the course of 8 weeks, geek out on structures, categories, comedic angle and elusive hosting techniques. Gain valuable scenic, agility, collaborative, character, musical, comic perspective, audience interaction and fast-play skills that you can apply to most any other style of improv. One thing's for sure: after this class, you will never look at shortform the same way.

Pre-req: Open to resident cast members, IB cast alumni and students who have completed IBCS 301 or higher.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase

Prerequisite: IMPROV 301

Maximum Number of Students: 14