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Comedy Drop-In Workshops

Our Comedy Drop-Ins rotate between workshops in musical improv, advanced improv skills, sketch writing, and stand-up comedy.
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An extension of ImprovBoston’s Comedy School, our Comedy Drop-Ins allow players to develop and practice their skills under the tutelage of a variety of company members of ImprovBoston casts as well as instructors, directors, and comedians from around Boston’s comedy scene.

During each Comedy Drop-In, we rotate each week between exploring elements of comedy performance with musical improv, advanced improv (completion of Improv 201 or higher required), sketch writing, and stand-up comedy.

These workshops are your chance to sharpen your skills as well as start to learn brand new ones!

Please feel free to drop in and join us to play, network, and learn.


Saturdays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at ImprovBoston, 40 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA


Comedy Drop-Ins are $10 per session (17+). You can purchase a Comedy Drop-In pass at ImprovBoston (40 Prospect St, Cambridge) on the day of the workshop. Our Box office opens at 11am on Saturday.


Comedy Drop-Ins are held almost every Saturday all year. To get the latest scheduling updates, we recommend following the ImprovBoston Comedy School on Twitter, which is updated weekly.




Comedy Drop-Ins are open to beginners (17+) and are ideal for players with a basic understanding of comedy forms and/or acting experience. Note that weeks that cover advanced improv at only open to students that have completed Improv 201 classes or higher at ImprovBoston.


We rotate between Drop-Ins focusing on musical improv, advanced improv, sketch writing and stand-up comedy. Each week will vary and some weeks will focus on workshopping material that is brought in (sketch writing and stand-up comedy), some weeks will focus on introducing new skills to beginners or others looking for more experience (musical improv), and other weeks will focus on more specific and advanced skills (advanced improv). If participants want to work on specific elements, then we might be able to explore those things in more depth, depending on what the needs/wants of the group are.  Our goal is to help sharpen and expand your comedy performance skills.


A variety of instructors from ImprovBoston's Comedy School and comedians from ImprovBoston and the Greater Boston area provide their unique guidance, allowing the group to experience a variety of perspectives.

Here is our upcoming schedule of instructors:

  • July 26: Advanced Improv Skills with Ari Stern
  • August 2: Musical Improv with Jeff Greenwald
  • August 9: Advanced Improv Skills with Mike Descoteaux
  • August 16: Advanced Improv Skills with Christine Toohey
  • August 23: Advanced Improv Skills with John Serpico
  • August 30: Advanced Improv Skills with Sam Ike
  • September 6: Advanced Improv Skills with Will Luera
  • September 20: Musical Improv with Jacob Russell-Snyder
  • September 27: Advanced Improv Skills with Christine Toohey

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You can also follow our weekly updates on: 
Twitter: @IBComedySchool