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301: Scenework

IMPROV 301 dives head-first into open scenework.  IB explores two primary scenic approaches: organic and game-driven scenework. This session focuses on the art of the Organic Scene (game-driven scenes are the focus of 401). The 301 teacher fosters relationship exploration, group mind and the building blocks of “longform” improv using the 7 Points of Inspiration learned in 201 as a guide. 301 also covers basic editing and support tools such as scene painting, stage crashes, walk-ons and split scenes. The heart of 301 is simple: scenework, scenework and more scenework. Teachers provide in-depth individual feedback while students gain valuable "reps" running a marathon of 2-person, 3-person and group scenes right from day 1. Graduates of 301 can improvise open scenes with confidence and are ready to explore advanced improv concepts.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

Prerequisite: IMPROV 201

Maximum Number of Students: 12