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401 Game of the Scene

IMPROV 401 is all about finding and playing the "Game of the Scene." The second of IB’s two primary scenic approaches, game-driven scenework builds off the "organic scene" skillset developed in 301. ImprovBoston sees the Game of the Scene as a simple "Pattern of Behavior" to explore. We follow patterns of behavior in character, in relationship and even in environment. Game Scenes allow us to discover inherent structure, heighten with ease by playing patterns and learn the “follow the fun” technique that becomes an essential part of every IB improviser’s toolbox. 401 also covers show pacing and introduces important universal longform tools such as tag-outs, space/time travel, mapping and extended premise. Graduates of 401 can consistently find, play and heighten the game of the scene; they are ready for longform exploration.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase

Prerequisite: IMPROV 301

Maximum Number of Students: 12