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401 Intro to LongForm: the Harold

Students build off game-driven scene work explored in 301 to discover how If-Then patterns can be used to produce a rewarding long-form structure. One of the best known and most engaging formats, the Harold was developed by the legendary Del Close many years ago to explore connections between scenes, creating a rich world before the audiences' eyes. Using the Harold as a template, improvisers dive into key components shared by many longforms such as openings, second beats, and group games. This gateway to long-form will help students focus on strengthening scenework and building ensemble while taking an important step in the journey towards IB's signature "AllForm" stye of play. Graduates of 401 can improvise a basic Harold and have command over game-driven scenework. Upon completion of 401, students are also eligible to enroll in the Advanced Harold elective.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase

Prerequisite: IMPROV 301

Maximum Number of Students: 12