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Our 7-Level Improv Training Program

ImprovBoston Comedy School 7-Level Improv Program


"I found IB's 101 class a perfect blend of people with and without theatre backgrounds who were really enthusiastic about jumping in with both feet. The instructor made sure everyone felt comfortable and I was so surprised by how close we became. I wasn't expecting to connect with such a diverse group of people but even on days when I felt exhausted going into class, the activities and social connections meant I left with a lot of new energy and positive emotions. I can't wait to take 201!"

-Liz, 34, clinical researcher

Our improv comedy program for adults (18+) takes you from the fundamentals of improvisation all the way through creating your very own improv show. Also, Comedy School Students receive UNLIMITED Stand-by comp tickets for regularly scheduled shows and Every class features a Student Showcase.

Successful improv stems from a supportive environment where students are encouraged to take risks, build confidence in the choices they make, themselves, and their partners on stage. Our improv philosophy is explored by an experienced faculty of performers focusing on creativity, active listening, acceptance, and the comedic potential of unique characters and dynamic relationships. Our program is cumulative and each level truly fosters an ensemble experience.

See our Training FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about our training program.

  • Improv 101
  • Improv 201
  • Improv 301
  • Improv 401
  • Improv 501
  • Improv 601
  • Improv 701

101: Foundation of Improvisation

IMPROV 101 students are on their feet from day one exploring laugh-filled exercises and skill-driven “shortform” games. Structured, simple play guides each improviser to experience individual success, discover the joy of ensemble support, and build the foundation for a fulfilling journey through our unique 6-level improv program (and beyond). 101 students discover key concepts such as “Yes And,” collaboration, commitment, communication, environment work, relationship building and truth in comedy. Under the guidance of our caring and experienced faculty, every student learns they already have what it takes to improvise successfully both onstage and off.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 14 participants per class.
No previous experience necessary.

201: Points of Inspiration

IMPROV 201 dives deep into character and relationship. Students build a toolbox of scenic initiation techniques to help scenes start off with a bang. With purpose-driven “shortform” games and finely tuned exercises, our faculty foster success through creating rich characters, heightening relationships, tackling group scenes and exploring environment. Students discover the limitless potential for scenic inspiration in each other and the world around us.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

 $255.00 per person. Maximum of 14 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 101

301: Organic and Game-Driven Scenework

IMPROV 301 dives head-first into open scenework.  IB explores two primary scenic approaches: organic and game-driven scenework. This session focuses on the art of the Organic Scene (game-driven scenes are the focus of 401). The 301 teacher fosters relationship exploration, group mind and the building blocks of “longform” improv using the 7 Points of Inspiration learned in 201 as a guide. 301 also covers basic editing and support tools such as scene painting, stage crashes, walk-ons and split scenes. The heart of 301 is simple: scenework, scenework and more scenework. Teachers provide in-depth individual feedback while students gain valuable "reps" running a marathon of 2-person, 3-person and group scenes right from day 1. Graduates of 301 can improvise open scenes with confidence and are ready to explore advanced improv concepts.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 201

401 Game of the Scene

IMPROV 401 is all about finding and playing the "Game of the Scene." The second of IB’s two primary scenic approaches, game-driven scenework builds off the "organic scene" skillset developed in 301. ImprovBoston sees the Game of the Scene as a simple "Pattern of Behavior" to explore. We follow patterns of behavior in character, in relationship and even in environment. Game Scenes allow us to discover inherent structure, heighten with ease by playing patterns and learn the “follow the fun” technique that becomes an essential part of every IB improviser’s toolbox. 401 also covers show pacing and introduces important universal longform tools such as tag-outs, space/time travel, mapping and extended premise. Graduates of 401 can consistently find, play and heighten the game of the scene; they are ready for longform exploration.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 301

501: Intro to LongForm: the Harold

Students build off the game-driven scene work explored in 401 to discover how If-Then patterns can be used to produce a rewarding longform structure. One of the best known and most engaging formats, the Harold was developed by the legendary Del Close many years ago to explore connections between scenes, creating a rich world before the audiences' eyes. Using the Harold as a template, improvisers dive into key components shared by many longforms such as openings, second beats, and group games. This gateway to longform will help students focus on strengthening scenework and building ensemble while taking an important step in the journey towards IB's signature "All-Form" stye of play. Graduates of 501 can improvise a basic Harold and have command over game-driven scenework. Upon completion of 501, students are also eligible to enroll in the Advanced Harold elective.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 401

601: The LongForm Toolbox

Building off Harold learned in 501, students explore a handful of core formats that highlight the impressive variety of approaches and structures available to advanced improvisers. 601 uncovers longform universals with near-limitless applications. Discover the many intersections between shortform and longform and everything-in-between form. Dive into musical improv as an extension of familiar improv fundamentals. Through the exploration of formats including Armando, Living Room, JTS Brown, and ImprovBoston's own Resident Cast structures, 601 paves the way to IB's signature AllForm (The Mainstage) in 701.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 501

701: ImprovBoston's AllForm

IMPROV 701 draws upon every skillset explored over the course of the previous 12 months of improv training. Our veteran faculty of Mainstage cast, directors and alumni guide students in IB's signature AllForm--The Mainstage organic approach to creating improvised comedy on stage. Following our "learn everything and you can do anything" approach, 701 students experience the freedom and comedic power that comes with AllForm. Shortform to longform (and everything in between), musical improv and styles, game-driven and organic scenework, the 7 points of Inspiration, and all previously studied concepts culminate in a "form" that reinvents itself with each performance, challenging actors to follow the fun at every turn.

Each session ends with a Student Showcase.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 601

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