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Master Classes

ImprovBoston regularly hosts nationally acclaimed improv instructors, directors, performers, authors, playwrights, and actors as part of our Master Class Series. Our goal is to provide ongoing opportunities for our students, cast, and wider community to experience a variety of talent and perspectives.


Game of the Scene:

with Karin Hammerberg

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 230PM - 530PM : $65

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This workshop introduces the concept of finding the Game of The Scene in long-form improv. The "game" is the cornerstone of the UCB improv philosophy -- it roughly means being aware of what makes your scenes funny and focusing on it as the scene progresses.

Over the last 15 years, the Upright Citizens Brigade (Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh) have developed a unique unified curriculum that is constantly updated and improved by the best improvisers in the world.  This workshop is your chance to learn one of the core elements of UCB's unique approach toward long form improv.

*Prerequisite: Completion of Improv 201 or higher


$65 per person. Maximum: 14 students

Day/Time: Saturday 230PM - 530PM

Class Dates: April 26, 2014

Student Showcase: None

Class Location: ImprovBoston Main Theater

Instructor: Karin Hammerberg

Note: There is no Student Showcase performance for this Master Class.




Karin Hammerberg is an actress, writer, person. She has been at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York since 2010. Before moving to New York, she was an ensemble member at Washington Improv Theater (WIT) in Washington, DC. Karin has been on the UCB Harold teams, Mr. Crime, Surfing and Guthrie. She is currently on Grammer. She was a writer on the UCB Maude team Chunk, and now she writes for Legs for Days. Karin has acted at College Humor, Official Comedy, Captain Hippo, Channel 101, Landline TV, UCB Comedy, and been in various commercials. Also, Karin has written for McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Hello Giggles, and Jest.



Auditioning for TV & Film

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 2PM - 5PM : $65

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Let Boston Casting guide you on how to tap into the Boston market and actually get work as an actor. Want to improve your skills? Make yourself marketable? Give perfect auditions? This is the workshop for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned actor who is looking to get in the game of on-camera acting or you’re new to the industry, this workshop is the best way to learn how to audition flawlessly, and how to connect to the right people to get your career moving.

In this intensive workshop, you will learn how to give a perfect on-camera audition. Using scripts from films, television and commercials, students will perform in front of the camera in a real audition setting. Direction and feedback will be given with each performance and students will have the chance to watch their auditions on-screen to get a feel of how they come across to their audience. Students will also learn proper audition etiquette, how to approach cold readings, how to market themselves as actors, how to develop a character, and give multiple deliveries for various scripts.


$65 per person. Maximum: 14 students

Day/Time: Saturday 2PM - 5PM

Class Dates: May 3, 2014

Student Showcase: None

Class Location: ImprovBoston Studio Theater

Instructor: Michael Fennimore

Note: There is no Student Showcase performance for this Master Class.



Michael Fennimore has been teaching at Boston Casting for over ten years.  He also teaches acting for the camera at UMass Boston.  For twenty-five years, Michael has acted and directed the play SHEAR MADNESS at the Charles Playhouse.  He first got his SAG card in 1980 and had served as its New England president for nine years.  Appearing in numerous commercials and dozens of industrials, Michael received his first TV credit with the show SPRENSER: FOR HIRE and more recently had a recurring role in the Showtime Series BROTHERHOOD.  In the upcoming film AMERICAN HUSTLE, Michael has a scene with Christian Bale and Amy Adams.  The film was directed by David O. Russell. 


About Boston Casting

With over 20 years experience, Boston Casting is the largest casting company in New England.  Boston Casting specializes in casting principal roles and extras for feature films, commercials, industrials, web videos, voice overs and reality television shows.  With over 60,000 union and non-union actors in the company’s online database, including children and special ability actors, plus 6 casting directors, an extras casting department and 3 studios, Boston Casting excels at finding just the right talent and arranging the perfect ensembles.


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