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Master Classes

ImprovBoston regularly hosts nationally acclaimed improv instructors, directors, performers, authors, playwrights, and actors as part of our Master Class Series. Our goal is to provide ongoing opportunities for our students, cast, and wider community to experience a variety of talent and perspectives.


Play Hard with Stacey Hallal

Saturday, July 2, 2016, 1PM - 4PM : $65

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When we are scared, something in our brains tells us to shut down, pull in and play it safe. On stage, these survival instincts are the opposite of what will save us, yet we see scene after scene of improvisers standing around and talking about nothing. In this workshop, you will learn how to open up, project out and attack each scene with energy, emotion and joy.
*Prerequisite - Completion of IMPROV 301 or higher.


$65 per person. Maximum: 16 students

Day/Time: Saturday 1PM - 4PM

Class Dates: July 2, 2016

Student Showcase: None

Class Location: ImprovBoston Studio Theater

Instructor: Stacey Hallal



Stacey Hallal


Stacey Hallal has been devoted to comedy in Portland and Chicago for over 17 years. Stacey has toured the continent extensively, performing and teaching at more than 50 festivals across the United States and Canada. While in Chicago, Stacey completed the iO, Annoyance, and Second City training centers. She went on to complete the prestigious Directing Program at Second City where she also taught improv and comedy writing as a member of the Second City Training Center Faculty and Assistant Directed the smash hit Second City Main Stage production, Between Barack and A Hard Place. In 2008, Stacey moved back to Portland to found - and to serve as Artistic Director of - both the Curious Comedy Theater and the All Jane Comedy Festival. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, though, and is excited to teach here at last!

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