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Musical Improv 301

In this class, we build on the basics learned in 101 and the longform techniques explored in 201. We discover the art of the game-driven song. We play with the form and function of song structures in a cohesive improvised musical set. We dive into the musical extensions of IB's signature AllForm approach to improvisation. Taking the AllForm motto, "follow the fun," to the next level, we focus on the physical, emotional and vocal components of heightening paired with an ever-expanding set of musical tools to play with. 301 is all about combining two essential elements: competence and confidence.

Pre-requisites: successful completion of Music Improv 101 and 201 AND must be graduates of the complete 101-701 IBCS Improv Program (or obtain special permission from the instructor)

Prerequisite: MUSICAL IMPROV 201

Maximum Number of Students: