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Shortform 101

Shortform 101

SHORTFORM 101 is all about understanding and exploring the elements of shortform improv. We focus on deconstructing and heightening the comedic angle of structures, expanding shortform game knowledge, and on authentic, charismatic hosting. SHORTFORM 101 students learn how to play and host games that can be seen regularly performed in Mainstage, All Access, Family Show, and Face Off. Each week we cover a different category of game (physical, guessing, audience participation, etc) This class is designed both for experienced shortform improvisers who want to deepen their existing shortform toolbox and those whose game experience is limited to the IBCS improv program. Are you ready to dive into the art of shortform?

Pre-req: Completion of Improv 201 or instructor permission

Max: 14

Prerequisite: IMPROV 201

Maximum Number of Students: 14