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Sketch Comedy Writing

ImprovBoston Comedy School 3-Level Sketch Comedy Program

"I recommend ImprovBoston classes to all of my friends.  They helped me be more comfortable with my own weird self; I've loved going through the class progression with some of the same people, because I can see them becoming more comfortable in their own skin, too."

-Hallie, 25, high school English teacher

Our sketch comedy program for adults (18+) takes students from the fundamentals of comedy writing all the way through creating and producing an original sketch comedy revue to run onstage at ImprovBoston.

Through our constructive and supportive writing environment, students take risks, build confidence and experience success in their comedy. Students explore the ImprovBoston writing philosophy  with our experienced faculty of performers, writers and directors as their guide. Whether you have previous comedy experience and are looking to hone your skills or are completely new to the world of scripted funny, we will help you discover, refine and heighten your unique comedic voice.

Through our proven in-class and take-home exercises, students learn an impressive variety of core comedy concepts including comedic premise, character-driven scenes, finding the game, parody and satire, comedic songwriting, fish-out-of-water, center-and-eccentrics, black out scenes, and more.

As we provide an in-depth, hands-on experience, students should expect to write for at least an hour outside of class each week through structured assignments and be prepared to share their writing in class throughout the term. Our program is cumulative and relies on an ensemble approach to work in class. Also, our students receive UNLIMITED stand-by comp tickets for regularly scheduled shows. Every level of this program features an end-of-session Student Showcase.

SketchHaus (Thursdays 9PM) Battle Royale (Saturdays 9PM)

See our Training FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about our training program.

  • Sketch Writing 101
  • Sketch Writing 201
  • Sketch Writing 301

Sketch Writing 101

What is a "sketch," exactly, and how the heck do you write one? Over the course of eight weeks, you'll learn to develop a comic premise and write a variety of 3-5 minute comedic scenes for the stage. Working with classmates and an IB Faculty Member, you will begin to develop your portfolio of sketches. Through interactive class exercises, readings, scene deconstructions, and take-home assignments (plan for at least 60 minutes each week), you will discover the fundamental principles of sketch writing and the joy of creating truly funny material.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class. No previous experience necessary.

Sketch Writing 201

Ready to take your comedy writing to the next level? SKETCH 201 builds on the fundamentals discovered in SKETCH 101 to explore advanced concepts such as satire, comedic songwriting, comic flaws, black outs, ensemble sketches, revue structure and more.  SKETCH 201 will hone sketch comedy skills like writer collaboration, editing, rewriting, and heightening each writer's unique comedic voice. Through interactive class exercises, readings, scene deconstructions, and take-home assignments (plan for at least 60 minutes each week), you will broaden your skill set, deepen your understanding and further build your portfolio of material.

$255.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class. Pre-requisite: SKETCH 101

Sketch Writing 301 (2-Session course)


Sketch 301 is a 16-week revue creation and production process featuring 2.5-hour classes. Putting all the tools of 101 and 201 into practice, we conceive, write and produce an original 45 to 60-minute sketch comedy revue that will run in ImprovBoston's Studio Theater. Students graduate the Sketch Program with the knowledge and experience necessary to create and stage sketch revues at ImprovBoston and beyond!


In the first 8 weeks, we introduce important aspects of sketch comedy writing for real-life stage production - including props, costumes, marketing, technical considerations and creating the concept and structure of a show. Simulating a professional writer's room, the instructor guides students to create a cohesive collection of sketches, songs, and blackouts for show consideration. Every student will have writing featured in the performances. By the end of the first 8 weeks, the class will have a preliminary running order and drafts of all revue material completed.


In the second 8 weeks of 301, each student gains valuable exposure to a production role of his or her choosing in coordination with the recommendations of the instructor. Essential roles include: stage manager, assistant director, marketing directors, props designer, costume designer, sound designer, revisions tracker, etc. These production team opportunities are in addition to each writer's role in revising and adjusting material throughout the rehearsal process. ImprovBoston holds open auditions for the ensemble, and the cast arrives in week 9 to begin weekly rehearsals (during regularly scheduled class times). After 8 weeks of working hands-on in a real-world rehearsal process, it's curtains up on a 2-4 week run on a professional ImprovBoston stage!

$510.00 per person. Maximum of 8 participants per class. Pre-requisite: SKETCH 201

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