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StandUp Comedy Training

ImprovBoston Comedy School StandUp Program

"My intro to standup class at ImprovBoston was the best start to comedy I could have asked for.  My teacher, Jake, was hilarious and helped me gain the confidence to get on stage and try standup.  The class was an excellent way to get feedback from someone experienced as well as peers who are also new to standup.  It was a perfect way to ease into standup and to get the experience that will help me take it to the next level.  I would recommend it to anyone!"

-Andrew George, 30, Sales Director-Travel


Our standup comedy program for adults (17+) takes students from the fundamentals of comedy writing all the way through creating your own standup comedy set. With our supportive instruction, anyone can do stand-up. 

Successful standup comedy stems from an engaging, positive and constructive writing environment, where students are encouraged to take risks, explore and communicate what they think is fun about the world.  Comics in our program build confidence in the choices they make, in themselves, and in their creative ideas both on paper and on stage. Our standup comedy philosophy is rooted in improvisation and coached by an experienced faculty of performers, writers and working comics.

Our program features an Intro to StandUp course that provides all the basics and a StandUp Workout for continued professional development. Also, our students receive UNLIMITED standby comp tickets for regularly scheduled shows and every class features a Student Showcase.

Channel 7 News Achor Sue Tran shares her StandUp class experience at ImprovBoston


Comedy Lotterty (Open Mic) - Wednesdays at 10
PowerHour - Second Thursday of Every Month at 9:30
Nightcap (Fridays/Saturdays 1130) 
Battle Royale (Saturdays 9)
The People's Show (Sundays 9)

  • Intro to StandUp
  • StandUp Workout


Are you the funny person at work? Do your friends tell you that you should be on Comedy Central? Well, prove them right!  Intro to StandUp teaches you the basics of stand up comedy and helps you turn your funny lines into a real routine. ImprovBoston instructors are nationally touring comedians who have been featured on MTV, Comedy Central and festivals all over the country.

Intro to StandUp teaches you how to use your own experiences and self-perceptions to develop a routine. Learn how to find your unique comedic voice, how to better observe the world around you, and how to translate your real-life experiences into side-splitting comedy. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills, hone their writing point of view, and better understand how others see you. The class concludes with a StandUp Showcase featuring your own 3-minute routine ready to perform in front of a live audience! Yes, you CAN do this and it's as fun as it looks. We're here with you every step of the way.

Maximum 12 participants per class. $225.00 per person. No previous experience necessary.


Do you want to take your standup comedy to the next level? In our weekly STANDUP WORKOUT classes, you learn from a rotating roster of some of the best local comics. Come to the WORKOUT to further develop your persona and personal comedic style while carefully honing new material. Register as a traditional 8-week class and you'll enjoy all the benefits of a student in our Comedy School (free shows and weekly hands-on instruction) plus save some dollars on your guaranteed spot. 8-week students are also offered a chance to perform in the People's Show at the end of the session. OR, drop in on a class whenever you have new jokes you're looking to workout. Space is limited for drop-ins and offered on a first-come-first-served basis each week. This is the perfect way to get valuable feedback from the experts as you continue to develop your routine in clubs around town. No minimum or maximum number of weeks to drop-in...just show up! Each week features a different top-notch instructor. Think of STANDUP WORKOUT as a yoga studio for your comedy.

Maximum 12 participants per class. $225.00 per person. Per-week Drop-In: $30 per person. Pre-requisite: INTRO to STANDUP or Comedy School permission.

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