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Youth Classes

Youth & Teen Programming

"My kids love it! It's a happy, safe and fun environment that breeds self confidence, acceptance of others and lots and lots of laughter." -Heather A. (parent of two past students, ages 10 and 14)

The mission of ImprovBoston’s Youth Programs is to encourage and nurture our students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to make connections with others. Our professionally-trained instructors create a fun and supportive environment within which students can explore, develop, and succeed. While improvisation is best known for the power to amaze and entertain through hilarious performances, the fundamentals of the art also set forth a creative process leading to support, engagement, trust, and applied risk-taking off-stage as well as on.

Using our unique approach to theater, students learn improvisation skills that not only make them better performers, but provide life-long tools they can use every day. We teach students to have confidence in their own point of view, accept "mistakes" as gifts, become inspired team players, and communicate their ideas more effectively. Whether students are ready to take the first step onto the stage or looking to take their robust performing experience to the next level, ImprovBoston has something for everyone.


Click any of the links below for a program overview or scroll down to “Current Youth Classes” for session dates.


 ComedyVacation at ImprovBoston

 Vacation ComedyClinics

LaughterSchool Youth & Teen Troupes

High School Internship Program

NOTE: For ALL youth/teen classes, children MUST be the minimum age by the start date of the class the child will be attending.


*Interested in being added to a wait list for a sold out ComedyVacation week?  Email to let us know!

As classroom-based programs, ImprovBoston's youth and teen classes, workshops and clinics follow learning-focused curricula with no specialized or high risk activities. We work closely with the City of Cambridge to help make the distinction between the various types of summer programs available to our community. Parents please note we are proud to run our clinics out of the nationally recognized ImprovBoston Comedy School and are not a "camp" as defined by the Board of Health below.
*Recreational Camps for Children are required to be licensed by the local Board of Health or Health Department in the municipalities in which they operate and comply with Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations to insure minimum housing, health, safety and sanitary protection for children in the care of the recreational camps.
*Despite being promoted or advertised as a camp, this program meets an exemption to licensing requirements and is therefore operating in an unlicensed capacity.
*For additional information regarding licensed camps versus municipal or recreational programs that do not meet minimum requirements of a summer camp in Massachusetts please see the 2007 brochure “Information about Recreational Camps in Massachusetts: Questions and Answers for Parents” on the MDPH Community Sanitation Program website at: under “Recreational Camps”.


Current Youth Classes

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