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Brian Agosta

Brian  Agosta

Brian is often described as puppydog-like, for his rambunctious enthusiasm onstage and off. He also howls a lot, calling it “singing.” He studied a cappella as a pup and went on to join the professional vocal group Almost Recess, performing over 500+ shows throughout the Mid Atlantic U.S. Once he moved to Boston, he studied improv and stand-up comedy. His first professional improv group was Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project, with whom he sang for 3 years and led to him subbing in once for famed group Baby Wants Candy. Brian’s performed in various festivals and shows in Boston, Alaska, Key West, Miami, North Carolina and New York City. His newest pet project is Big Attitude, a comedy group about big characters. You can catch him playing on ImprovBoston’s Mainstage, musing on twitter @bagosta, or in his home kennel at