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MaryBeth DeKara

MaryBeth DeKara

MaryBeth "MB" Makara is a proud member of the ImprovBoston family!

MB holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Performing Arts from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and a Master’s Degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College. She has worked as a professional actor, arts administrator, and instructor since 2003. MB’s work has allowed her to teach improv to people of all ages, serve as a pyro technician while portraying a Quaker, share a stage with Emo Phillips, meet her comedy heroes “The Kids in the Hall” and steal Christine Baranski’s dessert with Harvey Fierstein!

MB has been a cast member at ImprovBoston since 2006 in various casts and showcase shows. In that time she has also worked for IB as a front of house staff member and as the Assistant to the Managing Director. Some favorites shows in that time have been Neutrino Boston, The Family Show, The ImprovBoston Touring Company, Prospect St. Blend, Comedy America, Shays’ Rebellion, Rich Uncle, Screentime, Panamax, and on her current Harold team Rabbit.

MB currently teaches at Clark University, the ImprovBoston Comedy School, and ArtBarn. If you want to learn how to do Improv come take a class with her!